3 Things You Must Understand To Have a Peaceful Life

April 12, 2020

These three things will happen to everyone, but 99% of us never even think about it. If any person just tries to understand these 3 things he/she will be definitely in the direction of having peace in Life. 

My teacher always tells us that, once we have peace within, we get the power to work in the outside world. When Peace and Power come together then Progress automatically comes towards you.

Peace + Power = Progress.

Let’s see what are the 3 things,

1. Birth – Birth was never in been our control, but still, people always complain that I should have born in a rich family, I shouldn’t have born here in this country, and some think that I should have born as a Christian or Muslim, etc. By just giving a thought we realize that Birth is not in our control at all. We have already come here and nothing can be done about our birth.

2. Death – The next thing that we have to understand is death. Death is the only thing that is common between each one of us, irrespective of caste, creed, race or which country you belong to. certainly, death has to come. One or the other day certainly death is going to come and knock all our doors. From the day we are born we are continuously going closer towards death in each step. So birth and death both are not in our hands. Understanding that we don’t have control over these 2 aspects will lead us to think about what is that which is in our control?

3. Life – We understood that we don’t have control over birth and death the what is that we have to do as humans. Yes, we agree, we don’t have control over our birth and death but we have control over something which is in between birth and death – that’s LIFE. So, what is this life which seems to be in our control to an extent? Great people tell that life is a journey between 2 polarities called Birth and Death. 

Rabindranath Tagore explains what is life. 

“I have had my invitation to this world’s festival, and thus my life has been blessed. My eyes have seen and my ears have heard.

It was my part at this feast to play upon my instrument, and I have done all I could.”

He just compares our life as an invitation to attend a festival of nature and we should be blessed to get such an invitation. Once we are invited we all have some role to be played in the festival it might be the role of musician or dancer or singer or cleaner or an administrator but we all have got a role to play and that’s what our duty. But what matters at the end is how heartfully we play our role and how grateful we are for the invitation we got from nature to play that role. 

Right now your role might be a doctor or a farmer or a mother or a father but what matters are you playing your role honestly and heartfully. This festival will get a charm when all of us give justice to our roles.

The life which is between Birth and death keeps changing every moment. Change is the only thing that is constant in life. A person in his 20 always keeps telling that he is independent and doesn’t want to depend on others. But that doesn’t remain the same as the age pass by he starts depending on others for every small thing. So what is there today may not be there tomorrow because that’s how life is designed.

The life span of a flower is one day. It flowers as the sun rises and dies as the sunsets. In between, it does so much of beautiful things, it spreads perfume to the people around and the colors of that flowers attract bees and feeds its nectar. If a flower whose role is just one day can do so many good things then as humans how much good things we have to do. 

Yes, there are bad things that happen in all our life but that’s the part of our life. My teacher always tells us that we have to be like a hen. When a hen searches for food in a heap of garbage, it doesn’t take the garbage but it only picks the grains which are in the garbage. Similarly, there are many bad things happening around us but we have to pick happiness and try to spread it to as many people as possible.

So as humans we don’t have to just go through life, we have to grow through life. Let’s lead our lives in such a way that nature will be forced to send the invitation again and again.

Prashanth Savanur

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