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May 5, 2020
Prashanth Savanur

The main purpose of starting this blog is to share what my teachers have shared with me in the last 10 years. It was the year 2010 December, when I first met my teacher. Until then I was a normal guy from Bangalore, India who had pursed engineering from Bangalore and had just got a job in a software company.

The day I met him I was just one among the crowd who were running behind the unknown, but from then it has been an adventurous ride for me in my life. From an ordinary person in a job, I went on to receive the best employee award with all the guidance I got from my teacher.

I later became a trekking guide in one my friends’ company where I almost trekked every weekend for 2 years and covered almost all the hills of Western Ghats. I must say it was the most adventures years of my life where I had chance to interact with so many unknow people and encountered so many situations that I had not even dreamt off.

My interest slowly leaned towards self-help and I went on to get trained in public speaking under guidance of my teacher and got chance to address more than 2000 audience and also got some wonderful opportunity to give self-help seminars in some big corporates.

During this time, I got a mail with subject “Everybody has book within them” accidentally I opened that mail and just followed the steps in it. Within 6 months from then I published “How To Win Your Day” book and luckily I was able to reach that book to almost 4000 people with zero marketing knowledge. The book was ranked 4.5 on amazon and received so many positive reviews. For the first time after reading those reviews I felt a great sense of satisfaction.

From then I slowly moved to an entirely different terrain of “Spirituality and Yoga”. For the first time did a solo trip to “Rishikesh” for one long month. Learned basics of Yoga and understood some glimpse of what is spirituality.

Then all of a sudden with-in 10 months, I decided to quit my job and went on a 3 months’ vacation to Kerala, Nepal, and Rishikesh. I had all plans of joining another company but suddenly started working on a project called “Veg Buddy” which was supposed to be a home food delivery company. We worked on that project for 3 months and unfortunately due to lack of entrepreneur experience, we had to stop that project within 10 days from the starting date.

That was the time I learnt about digital marketing from one of my friends and today he is my business partner. We went on to learn digital marketing and started helping some yoga institutions in Digital marketing. Since I had some knowledge and experience of Yoga, I was able to help those yoga schools to get the initial push.

Later within 3 months, launched our own Yoga School and started sharing the knowledge taught by my teachers.

Book: How To Win Your Day

Facebook: Prashanth Savanur

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