This home is a good option for having access to the beach, while feeling secluded and like you’re at a resort. These rentals are a bit smaller than some of the others listed, ranging from 2 bedrooms to 5 bedrooms, but that still offers plenty of space to relax and enjoy the company. hotels. When looking for an accessible beach, make sure you contact the city’s visitor bureau or parks and recreation office to get more info. Some top destinations are more accessible than others. The private bathroom has an open layout with grab bars throughout and a roll-in shower for easy access. For those who truly want to see this Cambodian capital: It's possible, though not a breeze. The street car system's red cars, which operate on the Canal Street and Riverfront, have motorized wheelchair lifts and securement areas, but steer clear of the Green Line. The fourth floor is where the master suite is located along with a private balcony deck space. While rooms that say accessible have extra handles and larger tubs, to be completely accessible for wheelchair users, a roll-in shower is crucial. The city bus, tram, and light rail systems are all built for easy rolling, and the city's hotels are largely accessible. Editor's note: This story has been revised since publication. It's a bit old and uneven, but lively, charming New Orleans has a city bus system serving all parts of the city that is fully accessible.
The city's maglev train is accessible with some planning and the subway system has elevators, although they can be hard to find on the street. All its buses are wheelchair-friendly, and the Sun Van curb-to-curb service takes up the slack for those who can't ride the bus. Each bedroom has a private bathroom.

Lorraine’s Hakuna Matata in Carolina Beach, NC. There is a private balcony off of this room with an amazing view of the ocean, and as a western room, it has a great view of the sunset as well.

A fully accessible rail system and buses — combined with sidewalks replete with curb cuts and stepless building entry — make Singapore and its myriad malls easy to navigate. The Freedom Trail is one of the most wheel-friendly attractions in the country, while the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Museum of Fine Art, the Esplanade, and the Public Garden and Boston Common are all easy to navigate with wheelchairs and strollers. Cheapism may earn a commission if you buy through a link on our site. From free, motorized chair rentals to boardwalks insanely close to the water, here are some of the best accessible beaches. The outdoor cafes are a welcome break around the flat Stephansplatz pedestrian area with plenty of level-entry cathedrals and monuments, not to mention restaurants and touristy souvenir shops. This is a great retreat rental, as there’s something for everyone with several televisions, wireless internet, a saltwater pool, hot tub, outdoor games, and a rec room with a pool table. Atlanta has gone through a renaissance within the past 20 years, which means many of its most popular attractions have been designed with access and the Americans with Disabilities Act in mind.

There is a bathroom with a roll-under vanity and a large roll-in shower. Being 10 yards from the beach means there are amazing views, a great atmosphere, and the sound of waves day and night. There is an expanding web of bus lines, TRAX light rail, commuter trains and streetcars within the Utah Transit Authority, and all are wheelchair-accessible. Bordering Sweden, this city makes great effort to attract visitors who use wheelchairs and walkers. Although the ADA has been in effect since 1990 and was amended in 2009, there are still many places and spaces across the country that aren’t in full compliance — and some places globally that have no such law — making travel potentially difficult. This city gets high marks for its buses and subways built for wheeled access, and for broad sidewalks and shop entrances that are among the most wheelchair- and walker-friendly in the world. Downtown Dallas, the Sixth Floor Museum, the observation deck at Reunion Tower, the Farmers Market, the Deep Ellum neighborhood, and most of the city's museums are accessible to wheelchairs and strollers. The photos for this home do also show a hoyer lift, which may be included in the rental. The Access-a-Ride paratransit service requires one to three days' notice but is available in dusk-to-dawn and dawn-to-dusk shifts, goes anywhere within a three-quarter-mile radius of standard transit, and is available to out-of-town visitors.

The shows and casinos on the Vegas Strip (and even the zip lines) are wheelchair-accessible. “You go to the lifeguard station and present your Driver’s License or ID,” said Allen. The PATCO rail line fares only slightly better, but the city is still loaded with accessible options.
The Americans With Disabilities Act requires cities, institutions, and businesses to make their facilities accessible to everyone. This listing does a great job of highlighting the home from front to back, as well as providing photos of the wheelchair access amenities. The nearly 290 establishments in Montreal with full access include museums, the Biosphere, the Canadiens' home at Bell Centre, theaters, churches, and more. Even the monorail is wheelchair-accessible. Combine that with the Metro (which has elevators at every stop), van transport when elevators break down, kneeling buses, and a mandate to make 100 percent of taxis wheelchair-accessible, and D.C. leads by example.

A cable car to Table Mountain, the Cape Wheel observation wheel, the District Six museum, Robben Island (where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned), Signal Hill, and various parks and gardens are also fairly easy to navigate. (You can get a great look at the Oslofjord from wheelchair-accessible sites such as the Oslo Opera House and Akershus Fortress.) There are lots of Western hotels with roll-in showers, but the sheer age of sites such as the Kremlin, Red Square, St. There are large rooms throughout the home for plenty of space to navigate and there is an outdoor ramp to provide wheelchair access to outdoor amenities. Shanghai boasts a few dozen London-style taxis with wheelchair ramps, "which means those with heavy duty power wheelchairs will find the taxi to be a very tight squeeze," according to WheelchairTravel. For a more private and secluded vacation rental not directly on the ocean, try this 4 bedroom, 4.5 bath home that can sleep 12. Always ask how far the parking lot is to the beach, how far wheelchair rentals are from the beach and if the beach has a boardwalk or rubber Mobi mat, which makes rolling much easier. Sandals Royal Bahamian Resort. 1 among its most wheelchair-accessible cities a few years ago, thanks to wheel-friendly ferries and taxis with ramps. Another large and luxurious beach vacation rental, this 8 bedroom, 8.5 bath home has two floors and an elevator for accessibility. While visiting the beach used to be challenging for wheelchair users, there are now many wheelchair accessible beaches and resorts across the US. The 10 Best Wheelchair-Accessible Hotels and Resorts Around the World. The broad sidewalks downtown make it more wheelchair-friendly than most cities its size. There is one fully wheelchair accessible bedroom with a king size bed and an accessible bathroom. The beachfront, One of the best international beach destinations for wheelchair users is Manly Beach, Australia, just a short ferry ride from Sydney.


Sant Jaume Square, Las Ramblas boulevard, the former Royal Palace, and all the outdoor cafes in between are also wheel-friendly stops, especially for those looking to park and take in paella, bombas, and other Spanish cuisine. Lorraine’s Hakuna Matata in Carolina Beach, NC. As you can see, there are plenty of wheelchair accessible beach vacation rentals available that range in size from a small two bedroom to a large home that can sleep 20 or more. Photo By: Photo Courtesy of Tranquil Adventures, Photo By: Photo Courtesy of Gulf Shores and Orange Beach Tourism. Honolulu's beaches have all-terrain wheelchairs on hand, while attractions such as Pearl Harbor and the royal palace are also wheelchair-friendly (even if Diamond Head is not).

But there are wheelchair-accessible stops on the BTS Skytrain and more robust wheelchair access on the subway and airport rail. For a luxurious, upscale accessible beach vacation rental, try this 9 bedroom, 10.5 bath home with an elevator that reaches all floors.

While WheelchairTravel gives the public transit and hotels high scores and the attractions a moderate score, taxis and sidewalks score on the low end.

Reduced fares for people with disabilities limit the cost of public transit to $28 a month. Located right on the beach, this 9 bedroom, 8 bath home can sleep 20. The loft is set up as a game room, there are 2 large screened porches, a large sun deck, and a swim spa.

San Diego is one of the best cities in America for accessible beaches. There are hills, but the light rail, buses, and funicular are all accessible to wheelchairs and strollers, like the city's stadiums and arenas and attractions such as the Andy Warhol Museum, Mount Washington, Point State Park and the Carnegie museums.

2nd question is do you know of a resort or a long weekend getaway not far from Pennsylvania? The third floor is the main living floor with a kitchen, living room, and dining area, in addition to a full bathroom. Yes, Denver can get cold and snowy, but its public transportation system goes to great lengths to be fully accessible. The London Underground, the lower decks of its buses, and even the Black Taxi Cabs — each of which has a ramp, high door openings, and extra room inside for wheelchairs — make London one of the most accessible cities in the world. Although most of the city is flat, with well-kept sidewalks and curb cuts, attractions such as the Royal Palace are often on grades. The home features wide doors and is hardwood throughout for smooth navigation. About 90 percent of Salt Lake City falls within the city's transit corridor. The top floor has 5 bedrooms, the master king and 4 with two queen beds each, another laundry, and a wet bar. Even better, Melbourne's beaches have a lot of access points in place to help people in chairs or struggling stroller-pushing parents get onto the beaches and watch the waves roll in. Los Angeles doesn't mess around. While SEPTA's bus system is 100 percent accessible, passengers have lobbied for improvement at train stations, especially for regional rail. Fares for people in wheelchairs are roughly a third of the normal fare, and all NM Rail Runner express train stations are wheelchair-accessible. Trains and light rail have ramps and priority seating.

The Riviera Maya — the touristy area south of Cancun, with its Playa del Carmen resort town — has a slew of accessible beaches, some shopping and dining districts that can offer an occasionally frustrating lack of curb cuts or step up into a business, swimming with dolphins, and one huge draw, according Wheelchair Traveling: access to ancient Mayan ruins with the tour company Cancun Accesible. We started with the same resources you would: looking to travel experts such as WheelchairTravel, Curb Free with Cory Lee, Wheelchair Traveling, Scootaround, and others who've done the hard (and hopefully rewarding) work of testing accessibility firsthand. The second floor has a roll-in shower in one bathroom. There is one wheelchair accessible room with a private bath.