It takes knowledge and insight to know the MOST excellent things. But if we take it seriously, and if we begin to pray it for ourselves and for others, and as God answers it. Because their maturity and joy in the faith is the most excellent thing you can do for them, then THEY will be growing in those things that show the fruit of righteousness. He needs knowledge and insight to know the most excellent thing. A woman of excellence, who will find? Or into Ch 3 v7. Thanks to Tyndale House Publishing Inc. for permission to use the "Great Stories of the Bible" index, found as an appendix in some publications of the New Living Translation Bibles. Tweet. 5 Convinced of this, I know that I will remain, and I will continue with all of you for your PROGRESS AND JOY IN THE FAITH, 26 so that through my being with you again your joy in Christ Jesus will overflow on account of me. What things can you STOP doing? He prays for his Philippian readers. 4 Each of you SHOULD LOOK NOT ONLY TO YOUR OWN INTERESTS, BUT ALSO TO THE INTERESTS OF OTHERS. Tools “And in the greatness of Your excellence You overthrow those who rise up against You;You send forth Your burning anger, and it consumes them as chaff. He phoned back asking about the money. He loves those who are cast aside and rejected by others. The rich reward and eternal glory of heaven. For universities, it’s excellence in EDUCATION AND RESEARCH. That’s judgment day. So, I bring them a few bags of groceries. But I just want you to dwell on his words. But it’s love that abounds in knowledge and insight.

Flip over the chapter 3 v12. The exams that hang over your head, like an omen making you work hard right to the end. The excellence of glorifying Christ. Google tells me that’s the motto, or mission, or duty of organisations as diverse as the Royal Australian and NZ college of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, Canterbury Christ Church University Xiamen University in China West Point Military Academy The Hastings Police Department, Nebraska To pursue excellence. It’s love that knows when the right time to make the phone call is.

1 Thess 3:12, 12 May the Lord make your love increase and overflow FOR EACH OTHER and for EVERYONE ELSE, May this group of Christians be one who are CHARACTERISED by love.

Look at his conclusion. But I think Paul’s saying something MORE than just that they’ll keep doing these things UNTIL Christ returns. That’s what’s BEST. Finally brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable—if there is any moral excellence and if there is any praise—dwell on these things. 13 Brothers, I do not consider myself yet to have taken hold of it. But he expands on the same idea when he prays for the Thessalonian Christians. When I came to you, brothers, I didn't come with excellence of speech or of wisdom, proclaiming to you the testimony of God. Will you give up one night of TV a week, so you can show hospitality? Insider/ outsider.

We read it earlier. It’s one that will transform our attitudes and actions, our thoughts and our words. I think he’s saying something much more attractive and compelling.

But on the other hand, there’s so much work for him to be doing among the churches. For lots of decisions, it’s a choice between TWO GOOD THINGS. A future-oriented, determined and costly, single-minded commitment to discerning the most excellent things, and to work with all his strength to achieving them.

Like down in v14. And so they’ve worked out what the most excellent thing is. Paul pleads, v2, that they be. It will transform our church, and our families. I guess it depends on what your definition of EXCELLENCE is.

The team had chosen signs and expressions for the translated passages but relied heavily upon Christian jargon that was only well known to church members. God, Greatness Of Anger Of God, Consequences.

And Paul can’t help looking forward to it. And, as we’ll find out, it was what he prayed that OTHERS would be doing too. “To wander half-heartedly after mediocrity. How do you use your MONEY? But have you also found time to read any good Christian books.

His prayer is that Christians will so live/ that they recognise that their lives are HEADED TOWARDS the day of Christ.

I actually said I WOULD, but on the way, I dropped into the address where he said his wife and kids were staying. Those who are SHOWING the loving discernment, and those who are RECEIVING the love. Will you give up some WORK time to do some MINISTRY? They’re on the path towards a life that PERFECTLY reflects Jesus. Which do you choose? Yet what shall I choose? And you can see the RESULT of this sort of lifestyle in the NEXT part of Paul’s prayer.

You can see this is the sort of love Paul’s thinking about because of what he goes on to pray. But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, 14 I PRESS ON toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus. And perhaps more importantly, what’s your ATTITUDE when give money to support ministry? It’s a prayer that will remove our lukewarm, black and white, faded, second-rate, half-hearted, poor imitation of a Christian life. That can discern what someone NEEDS, rather than just WANTS, and does that INSTEAD. Pursuing excellence becomes much harder than a simple difference between right and wrong. As YOU pursue what’s excellent, and show love to others, then YOU are showing the fruit that comes from being a disciple of Jesus – evidence of the right standing you have as God’s friend. He couldn’t let them know. What’s the MOST EXCELLENT career for you/ The one where God can use you for his glory the MOST? 12 Not that I have already obtained all this, or have already been made perfect, but I PRESS ON to take hold of that for which Christ Jesus took hold of me. And living your life with that sort of perspective gives you the taste that builds your appetite for MORE. But Paul prays for love that abounds in knowledge and depth of insight. It means paying needed attention and aiming for excellence and perfection when fulfilling duties. V25. A list of stories in the Bible. Things that will last into ETERNITY? They’ve had an extra bill this week, and there’s nothing in the cupboard. The progress and joy in the faith of OTHERS. Suddenly he saw, just a few meters away, another identical idol was lying.…