Because the Ganges directly touches the lotus feet of Lord Vishnu (Narayana) before descending within this universe, Ganges is known as Bhagavat-Padi or Vishnupadi which means Emanating from the lotus feet of Bhagavan (God). Thus is called "Tripathagā" (one who travels the three worlds) in Sanskrit language. She emanates from his foot as Vishnupadi in the avatarana story, and is also, with Sarasvati and Lakshmi, one of his wives. Brahma agreed and he ordered Ganga to go down to the Earth and then on to the nether regions so that the souls of Bhagiratha's ancestors would be able to go to heaven. She is also Vishnu's consort. Vaishali Ganga arrogantly fell on Shiva's head. When Bhishma is mortally wounded in battle, Ganga comes out of the water in human form and weeps uncontrollably over his body. Begusarai, Obra Consequently, in their lives as rivers they are still thought to be with him.

Also, the southern plains of Bihar are marked by the Tal formation (a low-lying area) due to the course of several rivers. In terms of the catchment area, the other three major rivers are Kosi (74,030km2), Sone (70,228 km2) and Gandak river (40553 km2). One of the major rivers of state of Bihar is the River Kosi and is one of the bulging tributary of River Ganges that started from the Himalayas. Sitapur Due to the growing population and demands of water (for irrigation, industries, domestic consumption and other purposes) the water level have reducing day-by-day. As per the estimate, the average basin-wise potential of water was highest in the Gandak Baya river basin (47350MCM) followed by the Kosi river basin (41615MCM). During Monsoon season, these tals get submerged in water. Good people should not think this Triple-Pathed River to be like the thousand other earthly rivers, filled with water. 217. Allahabad

Patna, Kaimur This river is ranked as the one of the prominent rivers of Nepal and India. What are Tropical Cyclones and their characteristics? On the other hand, the lowest water potential was observed in the Kiul river basin, accounts for (710MCM). Gaya Geographically, about 10% of the area of Bihar is water-logged. In Bihar, the Ganga river has a total length of 445km. While Lakshmi attempts to mediate the quarrel, Ganga and Sarasvati heap misfortune on each other. It is the third largest river in the world by discharge. The southern bank of the Ganga is formed as a leeve, obstructing the drainage of the land. Also, the considerable portion of their catchment lies in the glacial region. Buxar. In the process of shifting course, these rivers also form chaurs (Ox-bow lakes).

The Ghaghra river is commonly known as Saryu river in Bihar. Most importantly, some of the rivers of north Bihar are Ghaghra, Gandak, Burhi Gandak, Kosi and Mahananda etc. km forms part of India. Your email address will not be published. As Ganga travelled to the nether-worlds, she created a different stream to remain on Earth to help purify unfortunate souls there. In one popular story, envious of being outdone by each other, the wives begin to quarrel. Geographically, the major rivers of northern Bihar have Himalayan Origin. The Ganga is a trans-boundary river of Asia which flows through the nations of India and Bangladesh. Haridwar Ganga felt that this was insulting and decided to sweep the whole Earth away as she fell from the heavens. West Seti Dam, Lakhimpur Kolkata Therefore, the rivers of Bihar have been classified under two major categories i.e. The River is known for itsprofound ravine through which it flows. But Shiva calmly trapped her in his hair and let her out in small streams.

These plains are endowed with a number of rivers which are both perennial and seasonal in nature. The river Ganges and its tributaries flows through Bihar from west to east. In this article, I will discuss the rivers of Bihar, their origin, drainage basin and catchment areas of the rivers of Bihar. Shiva, as Gangadhara, bearing the Descent of the Ganga, as the goddess Parvati, the sage Bhagiratha, and the bull Nandi look on (circa 1740). The River rises at a height of 7620 meters very close to Tibet almost close to border of Nepal overlooking the Dhaulagiri. all falling into the Ganga. Jet streams and how they affect the climate? A complete list of Rivers in Bihar, find the detailed information of its origin, length in km, touching districts and states, longest and facts information. Ganga is the shakti or the moving, restless, rolling energy in the form of which the otherwise recluse and unapproachable Shiva appears on earth. Varanasi The River Son at this point flows parallel to Kaimur range flowing in the eastern-northeast direction passing the states of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar joining the River Ganga located in Patna, the capital city of Bihar state. Kali Gandaki is another name given to River Gandak. These rivers form the basis for surface water in Bihar. Name the river, commonly known as Sorrow of Bihar? The Ganga is the most sacred river to Hindus. Then in order to measure the universe, he extended his left foot to the end of the universe and pierced a hole in its covering with the nail of his big toe. Kosi River and its tributaries flow through the different parts of Tibet, which includes Mount Everest and one third portion of the eastern Nepal. Name the river of Bihar which is sacred for both Hindu and Buddhist? The 2,525 km (1,569 mi) river rises in the western Himalayas in the Indian state of Uttarakhand, and flows south and east through the Gangetic Plain of North India into Bangladesh, where it empties into the Bay of Bengal.

This river serves as the tributary of the northern bank of the River Ganga in India. It is sometime believed that the river will finally dry up at the end of Kali Yuga (the era of darkness, the current era) just as with the Sarasvati river and this era will end. Basic information about India 2020 updated, Mountain Himalaya-The great mountain system, Mountain passes: Important passes in India, Major soil types of India- Characteristics and Classification, The climate of India with important facts, Important climate zones in India with map, The important agro-climatic zones in India. Some of the rivers of this region namely Gandak, Burhi Gandak and Ghagra are more or less stable. In other legends, Himavan fathered Parvati and Ganga. It is also a lifeline to millions of Indians who live along its course and depend on it for their daily needs. The touch of Shiva further sanctified Ganga. Fatehpur Click here to download the complete economic survey of Bihar in Pdf. Kursela, Chisapani Dam One of largest tributaries formed by River Ganga in the central parts of the country is the River Son. Ghazipur river of North and South Bihar. km where 7620 sq. The River also holds importance in the epic of Mahabharata. Composition and Structure of earth’s Atmosphere, Deciduous forests: Characteristics, Plants and Animals, Tropical rainforest biome plants and animals, Earth’s motion- Revolution and rotation of the earth. Kanpur It is the third largest river in the world by discharge. It is Shiva's relationship with Ganga, that is the best-known in Ganga theology. This union produces Skanda, or Kartikeya, the god of war. Bhagavata Purana depicts the birth of the Ganges. Which river divides Bihar into two parts? It is worshipped as the goddess Ganga in Hinduism. Faizabad To read the geography of Bihar, Kindly click the link below. Your email address will not be published. Are coral reefs dying really around the world? Ganga river divides Bihar into two unequal parts. In Bihar, the organic pollution is measured in B.O.D count was less than 3mg/l. Palamu Next in (cyclic) order will be the Satya Yuga or the era of Truth. The Ganga is also the mother, the Ganga Mata (mata="mother") of Hindu worship and culture, accepting all and forgiving all. Through the hole, the pure water of the Causal Ocean (Divine Brahm-Water) entered this universe as the Ganges River. Von thunen theory of agricultural location, Agriculture of Bihar: problems & solutions, Forest in Bihar: Detailed summary with map, Characteristics of rivers of the South Bihar. She is also a mother to other gods. Believing that the sage had stolen the horse, they hurled insults at him and caused his penance to be disturbed. Despite having 15 river basins in Bihar, there has been a growing concern over the quality of river water due to depletion of groundwater levels. Tehri Dam The war-god Skanda addresses the sage Agastya in the Kashi Khand of the Skanda Purana in these words: Being an agriculture dominant state, rivers play a vital role in the economy of Bihar. As Brahma's partner she always travels with him in the form of water in his kamandalu (water-pot). The sage opened his eyes for the first time in several years and looked at the sons of Sagara. Geography4u » Blogs » Bihar Geography » Important Rivers of Bihar: Maps & Charts. Despite having 15 river basins in Bihar, there has been a growing concern over the quality of river water due to depletion of groundwater levels. These tals receive backwater of the Ganga river when it is in high spate. One should not be amazed ... that this Ganga is really Power, for is she not the Supreme Shakti of the Eternal Shiva, taken in the form of water? Alarmed, Bhagiratha prayed to Shiva that he break up Ganga's descent. Thus, they are deprived of the cultivation of the Kharif crop. This Ganga, filled with the sweet wine of compassion, was sent out for the salvation of the world by Shiva, the Lord of the Lords. Then, the river Ganges was released from Lord Shiva 's hair to meet the needs of the country according to Hindu mythology. The tract of the south Bihar is drained mainly by the rivers namely Karmnasa, Sone, Punpun,  Kiul, Badua Chandan etc. One day, King Sagara performed a ritual of worship for the good of the kingdom. Find Bihar river map, showing rivers which flows in and oust side of the state Bihar and highlights district and state boundaries.

In terms of area, 8.32 lakh hectare in North Bihar and 1.09 lakh hectare in south Bihar is water-logged. Required fields are marked *. Also, it has a catchment area of 5473km2.