The video shows the kind of jiggle you’re looking for. I wanted a recipe of my very own.

I absolutely love anything like this. (Birthday party was fun too), Thanks again – your info was a brisket saver! Hi Lee! Not to toot my own horn, but I agree this is the best way to cook a brisket, too . I rarely make meat and have never made a brisket so this is new for me! It had become a ritual, I always came into the kitchen and tore off a piece of the sacred meat and my aunt always asked me. And, I do not measure. SO great to hear, Lisa! Place it on the rack in the pan, fat side up. I’d been looking for something festive and low fuss to feed a crowd and had already made my usual feed-a-crowd dishes for Thanksgiving. I needed a break. I always thought you had to let food cool down first. Hi Susan! Highly recommend!! I have two briskets ( 3 lbs each)….how many hours would I be shooting for? You have recommended the jiggle test but how much jiggle should there be? What a great recipe! My best guess would be to cook it a little longer next time. I can’t wait to try it – perfect fall comfort food. As an adult and a graduate of culinary school my love for oven cooked brisket remained the same. But I kept checking for the jiggle and it all worked perfectly! Just stumbled upon your recipe and I’m SO glad I did.

That’s wonderful, Gerry! Multiple guests raved it was the best brisket they ever had! So glad I trusted you. I may use half regular red wine.


How many ounces of ketchup does this recipe require? It was still a little tough after that, so I put it in for another 1/2 hour and put it low in the oven. Thank you. Required fields are marked *, Rate this recipe Thanks for writing. Hey Antonio, Yes, that ratio will get the thick, peppery bark that’s commonly found on central Texas style barbecue. The advantages of living with a Hispanic heritage. I have a small piece of brisket - 1.3 pounds. I’m drooling right now. My aunt’s brisket may not have been perfect, but it was hers and it was always good. It’s a keeper for us all!

4. Talk about some serious flavors going on here! Carrie. Yes, the sandwiches were amazing, and I have a couple of pounds leftover with extra sauce in the freezer! Similarly to my Melt in Your Mouth Brisket, slow cooking will give you the tender results you want. The “jiggle test” proved to be exactly right. Enjoy, Steven! I have since sliced and frozen it. Absolute perfection! Everyone wanted the recipe, so I send them the link. Then do the 45 minutes to an hour unwrapped, an hour before dinner time? is less than sirloin roasts. Followed your directions and this was the best meat I have ever tasted. Cook it on low for as many hours as it needs by weight (1.5 hrs/lb) Hi Gail! Thanks for writing! You would do best probably to cook them each in their own pan. Because then I can remove all the fat that I want. Nine hours is too long for a 5 pound brisket. If you are reheating a large amount (more than a pound) I’d say put in in a pan, cover with foil and pop it into a 200-250º oven for 20 minutes or so. This brisket is done in one hour, including…, Beef, Comfort Food, Holidays, Hubby's Corner, Main Entrees, Most Popular. Your recipe is awesome! Or should I plan on swapping position every few hours? The brisket was truly melt in your mouth as promised. I need to adjust the recipe I’ve used, though, to tenderize the meat by cooking it lower and slower. Take the whole pan and place it into the fridge over night or for a few hours until it cools completely and fat solidifies. Oh Hilah I’m trying your recipe tomorrow. What size bottle of ketchup do you use? The recipe is good, thank you Hilah. Hi Laura! 1. Let me know how it turns out please!!!

I am about to make this for the 3rd time. It won’t taste like vinegar when you cook it! About 16 hours according to the formula in the recipe post. How many pounds do you think would be enough for 6-8 people? This is a brisket.

Hope that helps!

I have seen it here: (and from here also the idea of smoking the meat before place it in the oven). hi!!!! For brisket is it possible to do without freezing step? Check the internal temperature of the brisket with a meat thermometer. Brisket runs from the bottom of the neck down under the ribs.

Man, that sounds fantastic! Sorry to hear that, Lupe. AS AN AMAZON ASSOCIATE I EARN FROM QUALIFYING PURCHASES. Can I cook this a day ahead? Found some really good tips in cooking time. Hi there!!! But as a side, should they be cooked so long? Filed Under: Dinner, Recipes and Cooking Tagged With: beef brisket dinner recipes, brisket in oven, how long to cook brisket in the oven, how to cook brisket in the oven. It’s the first time I’m doing a kosher brisket (1st cut but still has fat on it) and for a lot of people.