Turtle Mountain. Whether you’re just passing through and want a short hike to break up the drive, or have a weekend to bag some peaks, there is a wide range of trails in The Pass that will take your breath away.

Turtle Mountain - Crowsnest Pass - Alberta, Canada. Explore the ruins of this ultra modern (for its time), but jinxed, coal mining operation on a 0.8 km wheelchair accessible trail. The route to the lake requires bearing right at this point.

Eventually the trail dried out and reached a fork. Seven Sisters behind us . I stashed my bike and traded my helmet for a hat, then I started up the hiking trail. May 27, 2018. From there I could bike the rest of the way to the trail-head. Please consider joining or donating to the local trail association to support.

Traditional territory of the Ktunaxa, Tsuu T'ina and Blackfoot First Nations. The actual hike can be quite short if you have a vehicle capable of travelling the rough and rutted Atlas Road for 16.6 km from Highway 3 to the turn-off for the lake. I eventually encountered a huge puddle, draining off the side of the road, being fed by a steady broad stream of water coming right down the road above. From my prior exploration of the Atlas Road, I knew that I could comfortably make it to the parking area for the Crowsnest Mountain scramble, about 9.7 km from Highway 3. Copyright © 2013 - 2020 Play Outside Guide.

Click on the pictures below for full-sized images. We had car-camped at Turtle Mountain's trail-head near the Frank Slide and we were looking for a… We passed under pinnacles . The Crowsnest Pass is an incredibly beautiful place and there are many unique and varied wilderness adventures available. Without trekking poles, Bernd had an awkward time ascending the scree It is a hike/scramble that no self-respecting hiker can ignore. The water was coming down the trail very steadily. An additional paved path accesses Hillcrest Mines, branching off the main trail. Nearby Leitch Collieries Provincial Historic Site, east of Bellevue, is another must-see. UROC was formed to create trails and promote mountain biking in the beautiful Crowsnest Pass. ( Log Out / 

Window Mountain Lake is a local’s favorite. But it is not just the purview of those who hike this trail, but also lucky travellers along Highway 3 in Crowsnest Pass may gaze at its grand beauty. If you have not been to southern Alberta, you are missing out.

The cool features of this short, but scenic hike include two bridges, two viewpoints of the falls, and a 75-metre deep canyon. The parking area was very obvious and there’s a nice sign telling you where you’re going.
I was born in the mountains (where the wild things are) and grew up granola. ( Log Out / 

If you are coming from the west, the Allison Creek Road turnoff is 9.6km east of the Alberta/British Columbia border. The trail is primarily used for hiking, camping, and backpacking and is best used from May until October. The hike is a popular one. A 1.5 km interpretive gravel trail meanders through boulders left in the wake of Frank Slide. The lake had broken ice chunks along the shore, but was mostly thawed. The ride involved a little over 170 meters of elevation gain, followed by some very welcome down-hill riding. May 27, 2018.

Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Turtle Mountain, Crowsnest Pass Area. The section of the trail shown here is a combination of asphalt and gravel surfaces.

Once you have turned onto Allison Creek Road, follow it north for 9.8 km to the trailhead. Route finding and intermediate scrambling skills are required. It’s too bad, since the hike to the lake from the trail-head doesn’t take too long and Mount Ward, which looms above Window Mountain Lake, would be a good scrambling destination to make a longer day of the hike. Crows Nest Mountain/Howell Trail from Route 9W Storm King State Park This loop hike climbs to the North Peak of Crows Nest Mountain, with many spectacular viewpoints over the Hudson River and the Highlands. The massive form of the mountain can actually be summited by hikers without having to do technical climbing. There is a parking area 150m down the road, however, t… Helpful hikers have lined up some rocks across the mouth of the leftward branch to cue you not to go that way.

There is a trail that goes all the way around, but I didn’t make the full circle because of steep slopes of snow extending all the way to the water’s edge that were visible on the far side of the lake. A bike-and-hike to a backcountry mountain lake in the Crowsnest Pass. Use trail reports to comment on trail conditions. Instead, I enjoyed the ambiance and ate my lunch before returning back the way I came. With so many hikes to choose from, I called upon local residents, Pam Drover and Heather Davis, to help select the top 5 hikes in the Crowsnest Pass.

On my return ride I saw some fresh bear scat. From here the trail follows the scree up and left. Our club objectives are to encourage participation and promote responsible mountain biking practices, develop and maintain a sustainable mountain biking trail system through volunteer participation, support youth education and safety in biking, and represent the local biking community in the planning and management of recreational land. Show more. I did have some trouble figuring out the proper way to proceed through a wide snow-filled depression just before the lake. There are also several rocks with “WML” spray painted on them to show you the proper way to go. The pre-eminent peak in the area is Crowsnest Mountain, known locally as ”The Crow”. Crowsnest Mountain seen from the trailhead .

Allow time to explore the Frank Slide Interpretive Centre ($) adjacent to the trailhead to learn more about life before, during, and after Canada’s deadliest rockslide. Watch for wildlife along Crowsnest River, stop at the viewpoint overlooking Frank Slide and Turtle Mountain, and enjoy spectacular Crowsnest Pass vistas. Change ), “The Promised Land” (The Ptolemy Plateau) – Hiking With Par. Known to First Nations as “the mountain that moves,” Turtle looms over the pass and is responsible for Canada’s deadliest rockslide. Thunder in the Mountains - … Watch for wildlife along Crowsnest River and enjoy spectacular Crowsnest Pass vistas. A crappy rough road for a car makes for a wide, easy-to-follow bike trail. It was like walking up a creek bed.