I believe Deathstroke would win this fight. not to mention ds has a healing factor as well. RATED T+, Sideshow Collectibles and Prime 1 Studio are proud to present Deathstroke from Batman: Arkham Origins. @oreoassassin: No duhh everyone here has a Marvel profile picture. Slade outran motorcycles. His healing factor was eating from the inside out, that was the whole reason he went after Hulk. The Hulk fight? He has been defeated by decapitation, because he couldn't regenerate without his head. Steve Trista 4. Deathstroke will put Wade's head in a duffle bag (which keeps the head away from the body so he can't regenerate) and deliver it to his client(s). They both have about the same amount of skill (they are amazing swordsmiths, and top-tier martial artists), strength (Deathstroke has the strength of about ten men, and Deadpool also has enhanced strength giving him more than even the finest athletes), speed (their reaction times are amazing), and agility (around Olympic+ level).

As for Wade's weaponry I recall it's nothing more than some spandex with kevlar and average blades. If it come down to it DP would just throw a load of grenades at him or fire a rocket at him or snipe him from a mile away.Looking at you guys avvies it is apparent you have a bias for DC.

CLIENT Prime1 Studio ROLE Digital Sculptor URL. Deadpool used his wits to trick Hulk into jumping for him, then stepped out of the way and Hulk got impaled.

Do you know where I can find that? And hey I know this thread has been made before but not under my terms and that alone allows me to create one that is not duplicate so yeah. i side with deadpool tough thiers a feeling inside me that it ends up in a draw. Deadpool; also New-52 Deathstroke is a beast; and he has benefited from the reboot; but I still don't think with Deadpool's insane healing factor would he beat Deadpool. DP has a personality of his own now and is one of the most unique and interesting characters in the whole of comic dom. @elmohump: His armor can still be pierced by a fast and skilled swordsman - exactly what Deadpool is. Beating Batman was also a good showing, but Slade himself has admitted that Bruce was the best he fought and that the bruises would be felt for days. Hulk defeated himself by impaling himself on a stopsign. Hawkman can fly with his Nth metal armor, and apparently doesn't need his wings to do so. Deadpool takes breaking the fourth wall to a whole new level and enters the DC Universe.As he enters the DC Universe,he upsets some very resourceful people in high places by killing their men for fun and what not.Deathstroke then gets hired to assassinate Deadpool while he was in Gotham City.Deathstroke then tries to sneak up and Deathpool but fails and is not initiating combat with him.Oh and Deathstroke can also take Wade in alive if he manages to KO him. Daniel HDR, extraordinarycomics: “Deathstroke #15 2016. Still, Slade is very calculated and manages to keep himself in check, never truly coming undone. Stab wounds. I don't have the scan on me currently but he former does explain why. Wade's suit might have Kevlar in it, but I've found no evidence to support that. Two of the most popular mercenaries in super hero comics find each other, and prepare to fight. Hawkman can fly with his Nth metal armor, and apparently doesn't need his wings to do so. He knocked out Colossus by kneeing him in the face too.

Note that Deadpool is under a curse by Loki wherein his face cannot be damaged at all.

@i_like_swords: Why so?Isn't the New 52 incarnation of Deathstroke a tank or whatever. With his healing factor however, I'm leaning toward Deadpool. An argument can be made as to who is more vicious, but I believe Wade is far more sadistic than vicious. And if not, who could have committed such a nefarious crime? For durability, I've already explained how he has tanked 50-100 ton punches thanks to how fast he can heal. Then it was DP vs Iron Fist and if I remember rightly Deadpool held his own and actually grabbed Danny's foot as he went to kick him, and slammed him to the ground, not many people can say they have done that to Iron Fist. He will let a grenade off at close range against Slade and that would royally f--k him. Slade's healing factor runs through his blood.

Furthermore, Wade has also easily tanked explosions, high-intensity flames, slashes, stabs, high doses of radiation, and other practical means of damage-dishing that Deathstroke may use with relative ease. Whose killing skills outmatch the other? Wanted to bring this back seeing how people been getting into deathstroke lately. Taskmaster has beaten Deadpool in the past yea, in issue 2. He was only hit three times and that didn't slow him down at all. I do believe Deadpool's speed and skill will give him the edge. After all, Nightwing was able to stalemate one). Deadpool; also New-52 Deathstroke is a beast; and he has benefited from the reboot but I still don't think with Deathstroke wins Deadpool's insane healing factor would give him the edge. I've done some calculations, and depending on the type of motorcycle the mercenaries were using, Slade may have tripled Wade's 'Olympic' speeds (it is said that Wade has the speed, strength, and stamina of the finest Olympians, so that's what I used to scale him). Slade's 5-ton strength at maximum won't be a problem in the slightest for Wade considering he's stalemated Captain America in close-quarters combat (and we all know how Steve has comparable physicals to Slade, if not better). He was skilled don't get me wrong but he wasn't as skilled as Batman.

Deadpool. He has the skills and the healing factor. People also don't take into account that Deadpool is a dirty fighter. He's stalemated Captain America, fought Killmonger to a standstill (who's defeated Black Panther numerous times), held his own against both Daredevil and Silver Sable simultaneously, defeated Wolverine in certain situations, and even managed to give up a fight to Tiamat, an alien that managed to stomp Captain America inside a mech that further enhanced him. Deadpool's healing factor is a game ender. So as far as I'm aware, Deadpool has the advantage in terms of reaction, combat, and travel speed. @sc: Yeah sorry about that.Their ignorance bested my temper.Most likely will not happen again any time soon. Deathstroke advantages: He's got Nth metal armor, so that will take some time to pierce, even by Deadpool's carbonadium? Deadpools healing factor is stronger than Deathstrokes ain't it?And Deadpool is actually quite clever, he just doesn't seem it because ... @the ace of knaves: He didn't beat the Hulk. Deadpool advantages: Faster healing factor, able to regrow limbs, unlike Deathstroke. For Slade Nth metal armor is nothing more than an extremely durable....well....armor. It's a Wilson family affair as Slade, Joseph and Rose clash in the blood-soaked finale to "Twilight!" Cary Nord 6. ”, extraordinarycomics: “ Deathstroke 013. That doesn't equate a win in terms of combat. katanas. He washolding his own at first against both of them sure, then Cable turned up and took Luke out. I want to see a scan of Deadpool dodging the bullets. Sure Hulk was weakened, but so was Deadpool.

@saladking: Deathstroke dodged two turrets shooting at him from a helicopter very close to him. comman mistake freind, they are both pretty smart,i say DS. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. A Battles mod might overturn this in the future though so no guarantees. I'm still inferring who's faster reflex wise, but Slade has the upper hand in travel speed. See more ideas about Deathstroke, Deathstroke the terminator, Dc deathstroke. Wade normally needs his head to regenerate entire limbs. I'll say Deadpool has the upper hand in agility, because even though Slade is shown to be very agile, Slade is wearing much heavier armor then Wade. May 17, 2017 - Explore Steven Swisher's board "Deathstroke" on Pinterest. As for Wade's portfolio, it's a lot better if I do say so myself. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Very skilled at distracting, although he doesn't know it. Ehh, close enough, lol. @darthaznable: Yeah I prefer the Deathstroke that was as skilled if not better than Batman instead of one that is less likely so but a tank. Not only that but Wade is a very accomplished swordsman himself. Wade's is superior, but that doesn't mean Slade's doesn't exist. And yes, I bet your mamma's scale would beat my mamma's scale. The largest comic database online, Comic Vine features Comic Reviews, News, Videos, and Forums for the latest in and more! Static is right.