Hi Gayathri, Can I add more cocoa powder and reduce coffee powder. ","In a bowl mix together flour, cocoa powder, coffee powder, baking powder and baking soda. You can omit coffee and vanilla. Once when I prepared this cake the chocolate was looking very dull.

To the soy milk mixture, add the melted and cooled butter, condensed milk and vanilla. Well made and thanks for the detailed description with pics. Or anything that I can make with it.please suggest.

Tried your mango upside down cake – came out really well. leaveners – baking powder and baking soda. Thank you. Make sure to use condensed milk and NOT evaporated milk. If not, which one of your chocolate cake recipe would you recommend? half n half – or use a combination of milk and cream, dark chocolate – feel free to substitute it with milk or bittersweet or semisweet chocolate. Will it stay firm? aww loved the first pic….beautiful , i like condensed milk based sponge cakes more than the curd ones…. How much milk in ml will be 1 cup milk ? It is easy to make and is perfect for a celebration and even as a nice tea time snack.

Your daughter looks so cute and adorable..cake looks so moist and the frosting with chocolate ganache makes it even more rich and delicious.. Disha looks so cute, Pavani. I would like to have recipe for Zebra Chocolate cake…I want to get it from Ebook Delicious Egg Free Cake from amazon but simple with chocolate ganache.

Thanks. ","In another bowl beat butter until creamy. ","Flip it on to a wire rack and remove tin and paper. And the cake looks super inviting…, Your email address will not be published. Adorable cutie pie..Stunning cakes!!

Set aside for 5~10 minutes to curdle. Hi Mdm Gayathri I prefer these kind of cakes with simple dressing. Sprinkles – my daughter loves this version. Here are a few tips and substitution ideas to make this delicious cake: It is a versatile recipe that can be customized with just about any add-ins. And can you give the measurements in cups please?

Combine soy milk and apple cider vinegar in a measuring jar. Preheat oven to 350°F. Kindly give measurements. ","Add condensed milk and beat until incorporated. Another one bookmarked. Chocolate Chips or Crushed Oreo cookies (optional). It came out so well. Thank you for sharing. No, just omit coffee and it would be fine.

But you can choose an oil based recipe instead of this one, if you don’t want to add condensed milk. May be I went wrong with the cup of milk. Wow this is beautiful Gayatri. Cook's Hideout is all about delicious vegetarian dishes from India and also from around the world. Stunning pictures Gayathri..The cake looks so beautiful! Thanx a lot for the recipe, the cake turned out as spongy as a cake with egg. Add half the dry ingredients and beat until well combined. Add condensed milk and beat until incorporated. This recipe is part of my eBook Delicious Egg Free Cakes. Take 1 cup + 3/4 cups of maida and 1/4 cup of coca powder. wow you are pro in baking dear looks awesome and wonderful zebra pattern !! After gaining a small group of readers and followers for the blog, I am now attempting to create a community in YouTube through Gayathri’s Cook Spot. If you are searching for a chocolate cake recipe which is butter based and which needs to be so delicious, then this one is for you. It can be of dosa batter consistency. If I bake this cake in 9×13 inch pan, how much time it has to be in the oven? You need to calculate the conversions. In The middle it was spongy and soft . Very elegant and fantastic zebra cake..Lovely pattern.. Thanks in advance. Use pure vanilla extract or vanilla powder for the best flavor. I will be coming up with many cake decorating tutorials in my channel. These recipes are so versatile and I can create any flavour using them. in your experience have you tried this condensed milk cake with oil instead of butter. Should I use the same quantity of oil to butter i.e. And how much of lemon juice should I use . Thank you so much for replying.

Cake should be bakes in which setting of oven ? vanilla extract – use pure vanilla extract or vanilla powder for the best flavor. Recipe for this eggless vanilla cake is very basic.

I have vanilla but not vinegar. Tutti-frutty – my Indian family and friends enjoy this variation a lot. they mentioned not available in my country here (Malaysia). It would be fine. These days even vegan substitutes for condensed milk can be made at home using non-dairy milk like soy milk, coconut milk etc.

Simple frosting but very catchy cake.

But feel free to substitute with neutral flavored oil like canola, grapeseed or light olive oil.

Will try ur recipe now.. your recipes are always a hit.. Also can u pls let me know what sud be the consistency of batter.. sud tht b thin lik idli/dosa batter? Eggless Gulab Jamun Mix Cake / Juicy and Moist – Video Recipe, How To Make Iyengar Bakery Khara Bun – Video Recipe, Eggless Britannia Fruit Cake – Video Recipe, English Muffin Bread Loaf in Cube Tin – Video Recipe, Four Amazing Eggless Cake Recipes You Need To Know For Any Type of Frosting, Eggless Chocolate Cake with Condensed Milk – Perfect For Carving – Video Recipe.

I started doing that when my son was born – I baked him a cake for every one of his monthly birthdays until he turned one. Happy Birthday to little Disha, a big hug for her. Please check out my youtube channel and if you like it, give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel. I was looking for a perfect eggless cakes receipe for my tiered cakes and found you.

You can bake the remaining in pressure cooker/ pan, Thanks.. And one day I tried a chocolate cake with instant coffee powder added to it and the cake came out so dark and chocolatey. ","Bake for 35 - 45 minutes or until a tooth pick inserted comes out clean. Your advise would be greatly appreciated. ","Divide batter between greased and lined cake tins.

Hi Gayathri.. Hi, this cake is very sturdy as the base for the fondant tiered cake. Check out the cake after 35 minutes.

Hello, I am Pavani, the cook in this hideout. More about me... As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. I used condensed milk, the resulting cake soft, fluffy and slightly moist. ","Set aside for 5 minutes.