An accessible Mediterranean luxury cruise is the perfect way to visit some of the world’s greatest cities such as Venice, Rome, Barcelona, and Istanbul without having to compromise on comfort and conveniences. I know you’re thinking...what do I know about disabilities? This is a city that seems to cater to tourists of all age groups, including seniors.
Travel Tips. On Crystal Cruises, the Computer University at Sea program is offered on all voyages so passengers can overcome pain points like email and spread sheets. Since age matters only for wine and cheese, plenty of seniors are looking for wonderful travel adventures. Learning a new skill can make a person feel like a kid again, and cruises provide enough time for classes. It’s worth looking into the differences between airlines you’re considering. Barcelona is one of my favorite cities in Europe, and I have handpicked 3 of the best accessible Barcelona cruise vacations to share with you here. Travelers looking for first class amenities will love being aboard the Crystal Serenity cruise ship. Its content is produced independently of USA TODAY.

Solo travel is generally not an option, as passengers with limited mobility will need an able-bodied companion to help them. Amsterdam is a city of good living, cozy cafés, great art, stately history, and a spirit of live-and-let-live. Grand European Travel books over 300 guided tours, senior tours and river cruises with partner companies such as Trafalgar, Insight Vacations, Luxury Gold. Some specialize in cruises, safaris, scuba diving, travel with service dogs, and group travel, while others can arrange a wide variety of tours for individuals or groups. My co-author, Dr. Ken Plattner, and I teamed up to write Easy Access Europe, a guidebook for people with limited mobility (now in its second edition). London has recently made its bus system accessible and is improving the Tube stations as well. These top 5 accessible Venice cruise vacations visit a variety of exciting destinations you won’t want to miss, including France, Spain and Greece! Home to some of the best cuisine you will find anywhere (think celebrity chefs and Michelin stars), sommeliers offering exquisite wines, and world-class service, Crystal Cruises regularly receives the top travel industry awards. 16-22: Italy The airlines have all but scrapped their silver wings clubs, but there are a few cruise discounts for seniors.

The city’s taxis are convenient, inexpensive, and fully accessible. Accessible shore excursions are offered in nearly all of the cruise ports so there will be plenty of opportunity to sightsee and explore! While you can certainly explore the city on your own, a better option is to find a tour group that specializes in seniors. Famous museums, landmarks, and works of art abound, not to mention the unique cultures, cuisines, and histories that these two cities are both known for. Experience Big Ben and the Eiffel Tower, off-the-beaten-path attractions, and world class accessible tours on one of these top 6 accessible vacations in Paris and London! Seniors may factor in deft management to cater to any possible mobility, dietary and health issues to come up with a winner. Tour Operators. Or soaking up the sun on the amazing accessible beaches in Barcelona? While some people have a long list of must-visit destinations, many disabled and senior travelers that I’ve heard from aren’t aware of the many European accessible vacation options that are out there. 7-11: The Low Countries (Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, and more)

I can assure you that every one of these itineraries will provide you with lifelong memories! We remarked again and again how difficult it would have been without your planning!

By John Sage On the streets, in the museums, in the restaurants, and on the trains, you’ll see people using wheelchairs, scooters, walkers, and canes. Accessibility Abroad is a good resource for students with disabilities planning to study abroad. I have spent a lot of time traveling in Europe in my wheelchair, and I put together this list of 50 Awesome Accessible European Vacation Ideas. Whenever possible, plan and book flights well in advance. Get special offers, advice and tips from Retirement Living delivered to your inbox. The streets and sidewalks of Amsterdam have a certain freedom of movement: thousands of bikes mingling and merging with cars and pedestrians.

Its biggest cities offer the most accessible sightseeing opportunities for your time and money. A 14-night trip is only long enough for a round-trip journey, but 21 nights includes a choice of Norway or Germany, Belgium and Guernsey. The Sweden-based Independent Living Institute’s Accessible Vacation Home Exchange Web site can put you in touch with disabled Europeans looking to swap homes or help you find an assistant overseas. The information you provided on both these cities was absolutely invaluable…"Read More... "The hotel you recommended was very centrally located and within convenient walking distance to the Louvre and Notre Dame. One of best destinations for seniors with mobility issues is London. We’ve created a “cheat-sheet” for accessible European tourist experiences that will help you customize your vacation according to what kinds of sights you want to see! Our accessible travel consultants are familiar with accessibility in each of these cities and can customize a vacation for your interests and accessibility needs. European countries, at various speeds, are doing what they can to make their cobbled streets and cities easier for everyone to visit. Let us book your trip to the past with an accessible vacation to ancient civilizations today. Trips and tours require participants be fit enough for more demanding physical activity, like walking tours or train tours with many stops. If you’re a wheelchair user or slow walker, Europe’s cobblestoned charms may seem as unreachable as a rainbow’s end. What about exploring the ancient ruins in Athens? Otherwise, however, you’ll find that most of Amsterdam’s best attractions are accessible, including the famous sunflowers at the Van Gogh Museum and Rembrandt’s Night Watch at the Rijksmuseum. In London, taxis will whisk you between more wheelchair-ready sights than you’ve got time to see. Most of London’s big sights make it easy for wheelchair users to visit. We also offer accessible cruise excursions in nearly every port you will visit, so your vacation will undoubtedly be a memorable one! Have you ever wanted to watch the sunset across the canals of Venice? A growing number of hotels have elevators and rooms with accessible bathrooms.

Uniworld offers a themed cruise focused on Jewish heritage – Remarkable Rhine – sailing through the Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland. If you’re traveling with an older person who could benefit from using a wheelchair in museums, call or email the museum (many have websites) to see if they loan out wheelchairs.
You can roll along on the city’s walking tours to learn about anything from Jack the Ripper to the Beatles. 12-14: Baltic Cruises Starting your cruise in Venice is a great way to spend a little extra time relaxing alongside one of its many charming canals and bridges and discovering the rich history and stunning architecture this unique city has to offer. These are CostSaver Tours for good value in major cities; Trafalgar for first-class guided vacations; Insight Vacations for premium guided vacations, hands-on experiences and regional dining highlights; Luxury Gold for the most indulgent VIP experiences; and Brendan Tours as an Ireland specialist. The good news is that attitudes regarding accessibility are slowly improving. Requires no extensive physical activity other than in town or city walking to sites and meals. For travelers with limited mobility Amsterdam is both challenging and rewarding. Rick Steves writes European travel guidebooks and hosts travel shows on public television and radio. Learn more about the Top 50 Awesome Accessible European Vacations: 1-6: London & Paris But in recent years Europe has been making impressive strides toward opening its doors to everybody, including travelers with limited mobility. There are so many wonderful things to see in the Eternal City, so start your accessible cruise vacation in Rome and arrive early to spend a couple of extra days and see everything at your own pace! Treat yourself to a relaxing luxury accessible Mediterranean cruise! The average age on a Smithsonian Journey is 55-plus. Europe on a Roll…or a Slow Stroll Don’t Let Limited Mobility Keep You From the Old World’s Greatest Cities. If you’d rather not go it alone, you’ll find a selection of groups that run tours to Europe for the mobility impaired, including Accessible Journeys (wheelchair trips to Britain, France, and Holland). Other notable sights will work for wheelchair users who have some assistance, such as Notre-Dame Cathedral’s echoey, incense-filled interior (though only hunchbacks can climb its tower). Disabled visitors to Europe will encounter challenges during their travels, but nearly all can be avoided or overcome if you obtain the … Most cabbies are happy to assist; once you’re inside the taxi, the driver will fold up your chair and place it in the trunk. History, local or regional culture and nature without high activity demands.

The countries of Northern Europe and Scandinavia offer rich histories and welcoming cultures against the backdrop of some of the world’s most breathtaking natural and architectural scenery.