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I do not see a children's menu on their website. While I'm glad to have the Gibby's experience (great service), Gibby's will not be the my first choice when I get a craving for a good ribeye. We sat by a window, which I thought...would be chilly, but it was not at all. The actual restaurant in Montreal,Canada named Gibby's. The young girl who answered was polite, but the “Manager” was curt and rude. End of story.

Ça ne vaut pas le prix, sauf peut-être pour la quantité. For interesting news, exclusive deals, contests & more. This time, dinner at Gibby's, an institution that I have not visited since 2009. Very rustic and charming inside. I had never heard of that before. Gibbys, Montreal. If you order, share with someone. Hugej Disappointment for 1st high dining family dinner with Grand -Daughter. When Montreal was named the capital of the Province of Canada in 1844, the new government rented and remodelled the market to serve as the Parliament Building. And she ate nothing, well some potato, passing on the bread, and salad just waiting for the great steak. Good food, several courses, treating you very unique sorbey to change ur moth taste and make u ready...for your main dish, very appetizing food, and a huge portion. The menu includes a hot meat sandwich, garlic bread, cheese bread, spaghetti carbonara, french fries, tater tots, lemonade, and a red pepper lemonade. A nice show too when the waiter made it. We are going back next month ( OCT 2020), for my friends' BD and again on Nov for my husband's too. All was extremely well planned & safe - we called 5 minutes before we arrived (their policy) and they came out with all of the food (wearing gloves & masks) - we paid outside....Sam, the manager also came out and wished us a happy anniversary - a very nice touch. I had no room for desert but the Irish Coffee is a good way to end the evening. We are going back next month ( OCT 2020), for my friends' BD and again on Nov for my husband's too.

Can a gluten free person get a good meal at this restaurant? The 10 Best Montreal Steakhouse Restaurants, The 10 Best Montreal Seafood/Fish Restaurants, Old Montreal, Montreal Steakhouse Restaurants, The 10 Best Old Montreal, Montreal Steakhouse Restaurants, Old Montreal, Montreal Seafood/Fish Restaurants, The 10 Best Old Montreal, Montreal Seafood/Fish Restaurants, Old Montreal, Montreal Mussels Restaurants, The 10 Best Old Montreal, Montreal Mussels Restaurants, Old Montreal, Montreal Private Room Restaurants, The 10 Best Old Montreal, Montreal Private Room Restaurants, Old Montreal, Montreal Terrace Restaurants, The 10 Best Old Montreal, Montreal Terrace Restaurants. Then, lemon sorbet to cleanse the palate! We were at the St-Sauveur location last night. Probably won’t accept Canadian Currency next......shame.More, Excellent! It was pretty cool. We rank these hotels, restaurants, and attractions by balancing reviews from our members with how close they are to this location.

I'm sure they would be much happier. Gibbys Origin Story It was 1968, during the time Gibby and Allan worked in their father’s business selling office and restaurant supplies, where our story begins. Unclaimed. We ate all at home - you could have sworn we were eating in the restaurant - they thought of everything, their pickles, sauces, salad dressing etc. There's no excuse for that. Un pur dé de l'entrée au dessert nous avons faites des découvertes culinaires absolument extraordinaire et ils ont une excellente carte des vins.La qualité des mets et l'ambiance super agréable valent le prix de la facture.A recommender. Gibby Gibson (Owner/Manager/Cook) Sam Puckett (Business Partner/Body Guard/Cook (Hot meat Sandwich) Very nice staff. Although it is a little pricey the portions are big. They did not force us out, but the experience was already ruined. Please also read our Privacy Notice and Terms of Use, which became effective December 20, 2019. Don't order any side dish since it comes with everything, salad, bread, cornichon, u don't wanna be full when you see your meal. But coming on 7:15pm (next seating was up) we left with almost 3/4 of the 2nd bottle of Osoyoos Larose behind, waste of a good wine. It was a great dinner with excellent service. With their reputation, and prices, not close to a good memorable experience. This restaurant is a must at least once in your life. Français 2 262 000+ articles. The food...fantastic. (with gloves and masks) to the end of your meal (cherry jubilee not available...during covid) you feel secure in knowing that the utmost has been done to protect you. It’s a pretty good sized portioned and a delicious salad with a garlic dressing. Although that cost 17.00 it was excellent. Fictional characters. Sam and his team were so very thoughtful - a real personalized touch.More, We enjoyed two visits at Gibbys, one for a late evening dessert and coffee and another for a full meal. Other option were a also available (see web menu). We do have menus for other restaurants near this one. I was looking for a place where I could treat family for special occasions or take visitors from out My friend ordered the same but with the scampi side. Open now: 5:30 PM - 11:00 PM. Gibbys Restaurant is located in Old Montreal in the Youville Stables. Went with a group of 10 on Saturday evening. High recommended and will return! The locations and atmospherics are amazing. Employees: "Too much fraud". If they were open and if I had the time, I would have steered them to Moishe’s. Every season affords you a new and exciting vista from the comfort of Gibbys’ cozy interior.

Sam even had his staff prepare a anniversary cake for us (as a gift). A great destination for a family gathering or corporate event with a warm and inviting ambience. Or, just call Gibby's to be sure. Valet parking too which is a plus. Share. Stake was good, not the best tho. Gibby's is the name of the secret restaurant in the Ridgeway High School basement, run by Gibby in iOpen a Restaurant. Hotel concierges access Fr. There are sooooo many places in Montreal where you can get a better meal with better service. First time in my life I've not eaten more than two bites of a piece of meat given to me.