I am so happy to know that my videos and resources are helping you with your studies. Okay, let’s keep going. Stay tuned for more updates on How to Speak Fluent English in 30 days! English Grammar Handwritten Notes 2020 PDF Download, Homonyms Quiz Questions with Answers PDF Download, Sentence Rearrangement for SSC CGL PDF Download, IBPS PO Syllabus 2020 PDF: Check Important Topics, SSC CGL Tier 2 Quantitative Aptitude Preparation Tips & Shortcuts, HSSC Recruitment 2020: Check Complete Exam Schedule, Amazon Announces 50,000 Vacancies in India: Seasonal & Contractual Employment. It’s important to try to find language partners to ensure you get to talk in your chosen language every day. Wow! Spend some time talking with your tutor or online friends. Remember, I said, we’re gonna use the journals a lot throughout this 30 day study plan. Remember, if you would like to download the PDF, the free download of the 30 Day English Study Plan, click the link in the description. In order to keep track of your progress, it’s a good idea to also include milestones to your end goal. Now, let’s keep moving on, all right. To go in completely. In certain industries and professions, the ability to speak multiple languages can be a great benefit. Now, the next thing is, this is important because it helps you learn how to organize your thoughts and connect the things you learned. Please use the. Again, it’s up to you, maybe you wanna talk about or learn more vocabulary words and expressions that deal with food. The language partner ‘resource’ falls into two separate categories: the free and the paid options. All right, and last, read out loud. Just relax, okay. In only changed one word because delicious was my vocabulary word, okay. This includes little things such as creating your grocery lists in that language or changing your phone and laptop settings for your chosen language.

Then, after that, you go to the writing section, okay. The final day for this week. Apps can be a good tool for memorizing words and simple phrases. Now, each week, again, like I said, has different topics. And finally, for the last 10 minutes is the review. Plot No. You can write any sentences you want from the talk. Now, the purpose of this is, you’re going to practice saying them until you get the same pace as the speaker in the video. Now, this is what I want us to do. Keep working hard! Try to be an active listener and pay close attention to the pronunciation and the different regional accents. The ability to talk in more than one language is a talent most of us aspire to have. Now, as you’ll see, it’s broken up into a 60 minute period, okay, 60 minute period. Watch the below YouTube video on tips for thinking in a foreign language: Learning a new language is a beneficial journey to embark on, but it’s a journey, which requires time and dedication. Next, you’re gonna study one lesson from the book, or more if you have time, but I suggest only one to not overwhelm you, okay. A tutor can guarantee you learn faster and it can be beneficial in avoiding those small mistakes, which are commonly picked up at the start of the journey. Just like that, you need to also give your brain rest days, which is why you have a break day, a relax day, and a medium day, but you also have a day where you go hard. All right, now, let’s look at week number one. They also help you test your current skill level. Now, next, this is important, you’re going to read the articles two times. The ability to hold a conversation in a foreign language is enough to make you feel you can survive anything! Awesome stuff. However, if you make friends with a kid who can be your mate in conversing in English… You’re gonna also write the definitions. The first journal is your study notes journal. So, for the first 20 minutes, what you’re gonna do is focus on vocabulary.

Don’t just study it during your scheduled lessons; change your thinking to your chosen language as well. I believe you will become a great nurse! Thank you for your kind words. And after you have that, the key point is what you need to make sure you write down.