I say "For Me" because years ago it was my idea. I've been looking all over the internet for places to vent and discuss this issue I've been having.

At least I'm being honest, I guess!

If you do not receive your email shortly, please check your spam folder. I enjoy all parts of my partner even her waste.

When I met him he immediately told me that he was into scat. Just water! It's funny how we get more and more curious about things, the less we're suppose to care about it.It sucks that your girlfriend isn't into 'performing' for you (and I totally would be the same if I were her LOL), but you can always just fantasize about it during s** or whatever.I have an embarrassing "taboo" turn-on that I'm still kind of in denial over, so I feel ya bro.We're all sick fucktards in one way or another, haha. Being able to crap in front of someone is the ultimate testament of trust. It makes me feel ashamed just how much I can't resist.I told my GF recently about the fetish and THANK THE GODS she does not judge me or think less of me for it. Similarly if she poops or poops her pants. I have one problem though - I seem to get extremely turned on by my wifes feacel matter. I personally am passionate about shit coming from a beautiful woman and indulge in eating whenever I can.

Both forms are disgusting. Is That Weird? The silicone-based lube won't wash away with water, and it'll make the whole process smoother—literally.

Also remember to consider the consequences should you decide to participate in such an act e.g facaes can contain dangerous bacteria like Salmonella. She let me in once, but it was a very hard one, and was unable to push it out with me in the bathroom with her. I was shocked and ecstatic when he said he was into all the same things too. Also, stop judging yourself. I was filled with self loathing that I had to p*** during childhood and I resented that girls apparently didn't. It is erotic and magical. When you’re done douching, you may feel slightly bloated. It wasn't until I grew up that I learned that girls did in fact p***, only that it was a guarded secret.I like to watch girls p***/pee not because I feel as though women should be degraded or humiliated, although I admit the need to use the bathroom is embarrassing. It was just a little speck, but I'd be totally mortified if it happened in front of my GF. I just found this interestingI kind of have a similar thing going on here and im glad theres ppl out here who relate. You'll have to judge for yourself how much water to release. Men's Health participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites.

(From the tap is fine!)

You’re poking around in a butthole for God’s sake. I am also a rather clean and fastidious guy, work in professional environment, and i am also fascinated by my girlfriends fecal matter.

I am not into scat play, and I hate the fact of smearing it all over ones body - thats just nasty. My boyfriend and I have the absolute most ridiculously amazing sex life I have ever had with anybody in my life. If she is rude or belittling, wow, your GF is a real asshole. Its quite frustrating.I can pretty much identify in my childhood where the fetish came from but its a long story so I'll skip it.

Things like this happen over time. The fact that you used the word fucktards makes me know you're a guy 100%.

Understand, I have deep, deep feelings of shame tied to peeing/pooping so being able to share in that with someone I love is a truly liberating experience for me. Being honest with an accepting partner is more important than the getting off part.

I too feel much shame about pooping, and as a result have developed this obsession with watching others p*** and being watched while I p***. Its just so sexy to think that the food you ate 2 weeks ago would be rotting away in your intestines!

I am a passionate scat lover. Actually my biggest turn on is with hearing others p*** and having someone hear my plops.

Now that “Ron” and I are living together, I have to divulge certain information on a need to know basis. At least I'm aware of it and self-hating as a result! No fried or spicy foods—anything that will upset your stomach. LOL. Specifically, his stuff on fixations. it will taste a lot like your wifes. At times it makes me feel like a hypocrite getting off on seeing a woman do something kinda degrading because I consider myself something of a feminist in life despite being a guy.Anyway, thats my confession.QUESTION for girls out there: Have you ever had a desire to watch your boyfriend p***? In doing so, I've learned a thing or two about navigating issues in the bedroom (and a bunch of other places, TBH). you can eat your own poop. We have talked about it often, and I believe she will allow me to watch her eventually.

Well whatever it is, still gota try.. lol.. thanx again.... p.s. I Get Turned on by Women Aging. Thanks. Whether its hopping up and down from needing to pee or clutching a noisy stomach that is craving a p***, either scenario instantly snatches up all of my focus and thoughts. I’m the same as you, being mocked as a child for having to pee. Poop at work, poop at home, poop in a box, poop with a fox, but, most importantly, poop when you have to poop at your significant other's house.

Dude, a lot of people have odd fantasies like that. No offense. Once it's inserted, squeeze the bulb to release the water. Should I Dump Her?