This cup size is large enough to hold two to three scoops of ice cream, or a moderate to a large serving of frozen yogurt. Snack Size. It wasn't so long ago that one container of ice cream sold at a non-sale price of $3.00 and that was when the container was at least 25% larger. Graeter's ice cream has over 145 years of history of handcrafting French Pot ice cream. Likewise, Braums sundaes start at just $1.69 for a small, with a large available for $3.49. Most stores opt to use this size of cup for their regular or large serving options. For example, a single dipped ice cream cone from Bruam’s is only $1.29. Order a pint of our signature Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip today. Cold Brew Espresso Chip HEAVEN Light Ice Cream Cookies and Cream Ice Cream NEW NAME, SAME TASTE. 3 dollars and 27 cents $3.27 Taste the difference! Double Belgian Chocolate Chip Ice Cream … Add to cart. RESET. Amaretto Black Cherry Almond Toffee Non-Dairy Decadent collection. 3 dollars and 97 cents $3.97 (22.1 ¢/ea) Popsicle Ice Pops Jolly Rancher 18 ct. Add to cart. The next largest ice cream cup size is 5.5 ounces. Over a 110 years of uncompromising standards, obsessively sourced ingredients, and good old fashioned passion, because every bite deserves our best. Prices for Braums ice cream are mostly based on the portion size and the type of ice cream. At to that the more air that some companies have been putting in to the making of their ice cream and you will get a better grasp of how much more expensive ice cream has become by weight. DRUMSTICK We Love Chocolate Ice Cream Sundae Cone Variety Pack – Delicious, Classic Frozen Ice Cream Cone, Delicious Variety Pack of Chocolate Flavors, Pack of 8.