However, for some of the cubbies a door was better suited, so I had to do a small hack.

It was a little risky for me to do it like this but it matches very well.

Hmmmm. HI! I love the look and also love the option to all all my clutter! Did you have to drill new holes so the knobs would fit? It’s cold outside!

KALLAX to stylowy, prosty regał, który naprawdę dużo potrafi.

It holds all the toys in the world and keeps everything out of sight. To remedy the nail situation, once the glue was dry, I pulled the pin nails out from the back. Clean aluminum with denatured alcohol to remove black grime. Don’t listen to critics, A much needed rainy day in store for us here in Al, Deeply Southern Home / Ikea Kallax Hack – How to Add Sliding Doors to Any Bookshelf, Noting Grace / How to Repurpose Exterior Iron Stair Railings, White Arrows Home / Painted TV Trays Made New Again.

I’m in love with the pineapple lamp!!! I hope you enjoy this hack as much as I do and don’t forget to check out my other Ikea Hack the Malm Dresser Hack! Where Can I buy the overlays?

How to restore an antique without refinishing.

Attach knobs with wood glue and pin nails.

By adding the doors, I could maximize what I stored on each shelf. 3.

I’m thinking it may be too much with the overlays on all doors…would it be weird if I only put the overlays on the middle 8 doors and then either put white baskets or something on the others?

Learn how your comment data is processed. 35 Ikea Kallax Hacks Mid Century Modern Sideboard. That way you can cover the nail heads with the final top coat. A genius way to really liven up the look of the Kallax unit. Cut 1/4 plywood to cover the portion of shelves you want to cover. It’s so inspirational to see all the different amazing ideas they come up with! 9. I wanted to order the knobs but shipping was added to each of them and it was almost as much as paying for the actual knobs how did you get around paying for shipping on each one individually or did you pay for it? I had an EXPEDIT TV shelving unit and wanted some BRANÄS drawers for it. Using clamps on either end, attach angle bar to the bottom and nail the bar in place. I have a long wall so I really want 2 of the kallax units. Paint knobs. Article by IKEAhackers. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Once this step is complete, measure and mark the hinge holes very carefully so they line up with the door that’s already hung. If so, how did you cut it? I love how you added sliding doors to the bookshelf. It’s made to fix the Kallax unit! Your email address will not be published. That pineapple ?

Jeśli chcesz wzbogacić nieskomplikowany wygląd regału i nadać mu bardziej indywidualnego charakteru, możesz dobrać wkłady z szufladami, drzwiami lub wstawić dodatkowe półki Kallax.

This is a great Ikea Kallax hack to start on as it shows just how much of a transformation you can make with a couple of tweaks. I could tell by the way the drill went into the side whether or not the spot was hollow. Love that mirror! Jeśli interesują cię także inne regały, zapoznaj się z naszą pełną ofertą na regały i biblioteczki. You wrote that you only used 4 overlys for 8 doors .so i only need to order 4 ? So when u add the inserts everything will be closed off . I’m even more curious about those wood drawers inside your cabinets too!

Warto dodać, że wypełnienie o strukturze plastra miodu podlega 100% recyklingowi.

Lux Hax offer a huge range of creative panels that you can add to almost any piece of Ikea furniture.This great Kallax hack uses a gold mirrored effect panel from the Lux Hax range added to the Kallax insert doors to create an impressive, ornate console table. Learn how your comment data is processed. hacks from all over the globe. Thank you so much! Dzięki temu z pozoru prosty mebel staje się wyjątkowy, ponieważ to ty decydujesz, w których miejscach umieścisz wkłady. The Kallax uniu doesn’t, however, the inserts with the doors do. I wanted the door on my 2×4 shelf to open like an accordion from one side of the unit, so it glued molding to both sides of one of my short panels (more on this later). About how heavy is plywood door? If it was hollow, I’d use my larger bit to drill holes, then hammer in anchors.

So I quickly Googled it and found that Acadia White is a good match. This extra wood will provide stability to the thin plywood doors and make it thick enough to put screws in. You will need 6 Ikea Kallax inserts with doors. Overalys are decorative panels for furniture, you can use it to adorn many types of furniture and they have a specific line for Ikea furniture! I love it! I can’t seem to find a matching one on their site. Your instructions are so easy to follow! And the doors for my KALLAX craft cabinet are done! Aranżacja regału Kallax stwarza duże możliwości również dzięki czterem wariantom kolorystycznym: czarnobrąz, dąb bejcowany na biało, bardzo popularny – biały oraz nowość biało-zielony. How does the caninet door weight not pull itself out? This is such a great idea!

Etsy seriously needs you. Great design! Where did you get it? We have 5,000 (+ counting!) Your email address will not be published. Przy czym wielkość pojedynczego okna jest zawsze taka sama, możesz zatem zestawiać ze sobą szafy Kallax o różnych rozmiarach i zachować przy tym spójność. The panel with molding on both sides will attach to the KALLAX, while the panel with just one reinforced side will attach only to the other panel. This blog is supported by readers purchasing featured products. Aranżacja Kallax w pokoju dziennym może polegać na wykorzystaniu go w roli stylowej biblioteczki.

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No paint needed. Lol. This is very cool! It was super easy and it definitely gives the unit a more expensive look! Be sure to clean both sides. Możesz zdecydować się na wersję materiałową lub sztywniejszą i bardziej wytrzymałą – plastikową. It looks beautiful, Hi doll, they are linked in the post. Not sure what you can do with a KALLAX shelf? You’re bound to find something to inspire you.

My next New Again project, is simple way to add sliding doors to an existing bookshelf or IKEA Kallax. I love it and I have been searching everywhere for one! I'm Leslie, blogger and decorator in Birmingham, AL. 5. I used this door/cabinet trim similar to these from Home Depot. I was wondering where the coral reef glass decoration was from! On the inside of the door, I glued some scrap molding in place and then screwed the metal plate onto it using an extra 3/8″ screw.

No, I did not cut it. I linked the exact one in the text. Thank you for showing how it can be done, will definitely give it a try.


Thank you!! Smart Powered Motorized Curtains offer the Ultimate in Privacy and Convenience ». Maya, Hi Maya, I believe they come in sets of 2. IKEA hackers is all about modding, repurposing and customizing IKEA products.

The link for the overlay doesn’t seem to be working for me. W ofercie znajdziesz też wkłady z szufladami oraz z drzwiczkami, które łączą w sobie praktyczność i doskonały wygląd.

Any nail that extends will scratch the bookcase. lamp is my fav!!!

I was going to use a color match I found on Pinterest at my local Sherwin Williams. But you can also copy and paste this one: It was super easy! These are made for the ikea furniture so you don’t need to cut it. While it works perfectly fine for what I needed I will offer a few suggestions for how you could adapt this tutorial to be a bit more durable. If you build your own doors for a Ikea Kallax or any other bookshelf, be sure to let me see your finished project! I had some baskets where I would put her toys away every night, however, it was still in sight. You should update your post before anyone else spends $$ to buy the wrong one. Once the hinges were on the door side, I lined it up with the KALLAX and used the 1″ screws to attach it to the unit.

Please We use in our dinning room like a console table. I want to do a smaller one for the same purpose – toy storage…curious how you organize the interior with toys? So weird! Thanks so much!! To support the weight of the doors after installation, I added two L-brackets to the bottom of the KALLAX so they would support the bottom corner of the door panels in the open and closed positions. But you don’t have to settle for—ahem—off-the-shelf. Thank you so much for letting me know.

I’d like to try this. Thanks! Hi Kelly! I started with my single door in the 1×4 tower to get a feel for the process. Does the Kallax have a back to it?

Angel, Hi Angel! If you are local and need help with your home, contact me! Lastly, I really wanted to add a little more glam to the unit and make it look less Ikea-ish. I dismantled the rear panel from every BRANÄS drawer I bought.

What a classy way to update shelves!! After adding th, This would be the week that I start to get more th, Does Time change still have you put I’d sorts? ? Did you have to cut the overlay? I found a closet downstairs to store the albums, but all the extras needed a place to go. Be sure to allow for space for the door to slide into the angle bar. Thank you. They have also added long, tapered, capped legs to enhance the look. To make pulls, I just cut two 4″ lengths of leather and hammered them onto the door fronts with brass upholstery tacks, making sure the scrap molding for the catches was directly behind. The IKEA KALLAX is already an impressive piece on its own—you can use it as a classic bookshelf, a room divider, or as a stylish way to display collections.

Also since they are hollow from the inside. After preparing the holes in the KALLAX, I pre-drilled small holes into the doors to avoid any splitting, then screwed the hinges onto the doors using the 3/8″ screws. The photo above is a great example of this Kallax 5×5 hack.

Old doors with beautiful hardware. I used the 1/4. Image Courtesy of Lux Hax.

If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it.

Could you pretty please sell these as kits for a reasonable price?! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Półki KALLAX są dostępne w różnych rozmiarach i kolorach. I bought the Kallax Unit a while ago and used just the top part as my entry way table. The rest of the unit was in the garage and my husband wanted to throw away. With a few clever hacks, the KALLAX can truly be taken to the next level.

hacks from all over the globe. I had an EXPEDIT TV shelving unit and wanted some BRANÄS drawers for it. , Hey Neena, this is the one you want I think:, I purchased the one you linked and it doesn’t work It’s 7 x14 and if cut in two, it does not fit the kallax properly. I didn’t cut it.

I like that the knobs are not quite centered on the panel, but that is definitely a personal preference.

Hope that helps! Check the link-up below to not miss their projects. Thank you!

You’re bound to find something to inspire you.

I will check again. Hi doll!!

I added these gold ring knobs that I had from a previous project, they fit perfectly and added that gold touch that I love. Hi Beth, I fixed the link. 2. Ikea Kallax Hack Mid Century Cabinet – Small Space Shelf. Each month we make over ... Read More about New Again: An Ikea Kallax Hack or How to add sliding doors … for the smaller toys I used baskets, for books and bigger toys they went directly into the cubes. The configuration of the KALLAX system is perfect for as a craft cabinet for my craft supplies.