Ballistics license required for art piece. 8. 7. Beware of people whose business is to relieve you of your money rather than sell your art. Another point to keep in mind is that the larger art websites show thousands of works of art by hundreds of artists, and sometimes much more. As long as you're given proper credit, allowing your images to circulate freely is a great way to get known, especially when those who are circulating them have large followings themselves. Artists who do have personal agents tend to be very busy and extremely successful artists where the agent functions more in a business manager role.

plus books written by the art business consultants listed below.

It appears as if now, like never before, On the contractual side, keep initial arrangements or agreements with any new gallery you work with to a maximum of one year, but preferably six months. What companies/categories are the artists licensed to? Of course, there are many other considerations and each artist has different needs so what may work for one may not work for another artist. What creative services do they offer and what is the charge for these? The most realistic way to structure this would be to require the agent to get you x number of agreements in x period of time. independent exhibitors of art in a physical space or online, individual artists wanting to develop their skill sets to enable them to better market their own art, how to develop the basic business skills required by any artist, writing copy for artist statements, exhibition catalogues, grant applications etc. notoriety of the artist, etc. Will our images be protected? Art Licensing Agents: many artists are interested in finding and working with art licensing agents. They are used by corporate business or private clients to find the best artist for the job (or the collection).

When you call the manufacturer, in addition to the questions you will ask about your potential agent. Better yet, locate those artists on your own. How many other reps do they work with (or who work for them) and how are the artists divided (which rep gets who)? In addition, request data from websites themselves on how many pieces of art they sell, what types of art sell best, and what price ranges that art tends to sell in. You might want to ask for some sort of performance clause especially if the agent wants a long initial term. Instead of selling originals or selling your designs outright, many artists will grant the right (license) to use their art on a specific product, for a set time period in exchange for a percentage of sales. If selling at auction is something you've been thinking about, eBay is an additional option worth considering. I have seen it happen many times where you make good money first, and in the process your name gets more and more out there (by virtue of it being on every single product it is licensed to) until you find you ARE well known. I always tell artists in my seminars that I found my first blockbuster artist (Sandi Gore Evans) when I had VERY little rep experience under my belt. Regarding copyright issues, know that in America and many other parts of the world your art is automatically copyrighted and automatically protected against infringement by others. An art agent acts as "a middle man" between the artist/illustrator and the client/end user. Not necessarily, because they may not be right for YOUR look. Some artists do sell well in the auction arena. Need consulting about how to approach galleries or get exposure for your art? What ones are they not licensed into? developing an asset base of artwork for investment purposes. Thru her, I cut my teeth in licensing. Be sure to ask them if they work with any other of the art licensing agents and what they think of them and how they work. Art agents for fine artists represent the artwork of an artist and aim to both enhance its value as well as sell it. After I had worked with her awhile, I came to see that the REAL reason she hired me was because she wanted to be a BIG fish in a small pond, and she wanted one more kid to push round (she had four grown children, I was her fifth). Do they exhibit at any shows? It may be difficult to get an agent to agree to this, but it is certainly a bargaining point you can throw out for discussion. They avoid clients having to deal direct …

All rights reserved. Name a few and how often do they do one- on-one? Provides coaching services. Also Business is very different in the art world. regardless of the task, there's always an artist out there who can make Other art licensing agents represent artists whose art fits only a niche market such as lodge, western, and country.

I've been in and around the business for forty years now, and I'm not even sure such a job title exists. Artists Agents in New York on We can't all get shows at art galleries. If you've never had representation-- agent, gallery or otherwise-- and don't have a lot of experience exhibiting, best procedure is to work with someone locally who'll promote your art in the community or region where you live. 6. How long have they represented these artists? The suggestion to look at which artists are known and who are their agents is a good one, but not fool proof. Whether agents actually exist or not, the chances of getting shows or other forms of representation with any entity-- whatever you want to call them-- are basically the same.

Ask for references - these need to relate to credible artists with a track record. Just like some agents are finding artists on the web, you can find your next agent through a simple online search.

unique. There is NO typical deal (contract, agreement) in art licensing because it depends upon the manufacturer, industry, products, the notoriety of the artist, etc. Trying to create art and market myself is far too frustrating. In other words, the gallery is the agent.

Subscribe to my monthly Sxisma Publishing Newsletter and get all the news, insights and major discount coupons on all of our products! how long they have been working as an agent? I will be eternally grateful for her vision, her trust and her confidence in what I was to become. There is NO typical deal (contract, agreement) in art licensing An essential book for any artist/designer who is thinking of setting up their own business, this book literally covers everything you need. Policing the Internet against unauthorized use of your online images is difficult and time consuming, and really not worth the effort unless you discover that someone is clearly copying, reproducing and selling your art for profit without your permission. Smoke bombs and gunpowder were ignited to Do you have experience in interpreting a brief? Do they walk any shows? How will they represent you? 12. How long have they been in business and how did they come to do this line of work? Honestly, while there are standard guidelines, there is nothing absolute in licensing.

11. They avoid clients having to deal direct with artists and they make business requirements clear for artists. You've got to learn the ropes on eBay though because selling at auction is different than selling at fixed prices.

Do you care about your own reputation and those of people you do business with? Also negotiations between the property owner (or representative) and licensee (manufacturer) affects the contract. What is their agency philosophy? 1. Art Licensing is a way of generating income from your art. Licensing Agreement Terms:Every licensing contract is

Every licensing contract is Get artists' phone #'s they rep (more than 1 or 2) AND get manufacturers names and numbers who they work with. Hopefully, you maintain your own website as well. In the course of our conversation, her stated concern was that I was "too sophisticated" to appreciate her art (country/folk). OTTAWA, Ill. (AP) — Necessary tools for What you would want to be concerned with is that the agent would spend a greater % of their time working the "known" artist, and your work may not get much attention. The following suggestions will help you to navigate the art world jungle and locate the best prospects for selling your art. Signing a contract? What these artists need is to fully comprehend what art licensing is, the manner by which it operates, and on the off chance that it is for them. AND CALL EACH ONE OF THEM!!!! she had to acquire a ballistics license to use that much. The other part of this puzzle is to get active on social media, particularly Instagram and Facebook, and start getting your art out in front of the public. the real asset of any agent/dealer/gallery is their client list and who they can introduce an artist to - without using a gallery, (if you can) Find an artist who has both an agent and is represented by galleries - and ask him or her about the benefits and costs of being represented by both.

Locating a website where you can show and sell your art is similar to locating an "agent" or gallery. See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for the best Artists Agents in New York, NY.

Publisher: A & C Black Publishers Ltd (2011). I would definitely give consideration to an agent who may be new to the field because most art licensing agents did not start out with years of experience and contacts. On this page you can also find some of the books written by the consultants listed next. Entering into a business relationship? Having given many seminars on this subject, there are quite a few questions to ask a potential agent. Can you work to a brief provided by a client? a lot of illustrators have not yet succeeded on getting on an agent's books, Some work on the basis of a commission if you are "on the books" and they actively market your work (. Are you making enough money from your art to share the proceeds via commission to an art agent as well as a gallery? What is their money/ percentage split? As for the way you are going about things-- searching for someone to sell your art for you-- is that if you ally yourself with the wrong platform, website or offer, you can waste time, waste money, or end up in unproductive contractual arrangements. A lot of artists seem to believe that they are the magic answer for artists wanting to sell their work. When choosing an agent to represent you in licensing your art, there are many things to consider. And of course there are some art licensing agents that license all kinds of art for all kinds of products. Different ones specialize in representing artists whose art is suitable for home decor, or patterns for fabric, clothing, stationery, and scrap booking. In other words, opportunities for generating significant income from sales are much greater in these fields than with art.

In fact, I can recall very few times when I've heard someone specifically refer to themselves as an artist agent. I always tell artists in my seminars that I found my first blockbuster artist (Sandi Gore Evans) when I had VERY little rep experience under my belt. Do they specialize in certain categories? Selling art is hard enough, even when someone's doing it for you, but artists without gallery representation or agents, as you put it, can find the task of selling their art especially difficult. What are we really signing up for? Briefly, if you do a good, consistent convincing job of presenting your art, you'll grow your following as increasing numbers of people take interest in your work. who was even remotely interested in talking with an emerging artist's "agent."

I was full of enthusiasm and big dreams when we met, those qualities were what she was looking for. Have an attorney ( or another agent you trust who knows contracts) advise you as to what the contract really says as to what you are legally committing to.