The leader of the military junta changed the constitution (which was voted for and ratified by the people in a referendum) to allow the military to directly appoint 250 members of parliament with the other 500 being voted for. Check out this link for a more detailed breakdown. A big increase on what you’d expect to pay in the UK and I assume other Western countries. You do get used to it. 7/11s are these little grocery / corner shops that adorn about a million streets and sois around Thailand. Hi, I'm Shelly! I once experienced a minor crash on this same road because my van driver didn’t leave enough room behind the next car. Required fields are marked *. I crashed it (stupid, I know) and caused a lot of cosmetic damage to the front. Well, you’ve got to decide for yourself. This article will answer that question. For me, it was the beaches that drew me here. Step outside and breathe a lungful of the air and you’ll notice a musky, sulphuric taste on your tongue. The ways around this are to work for an international school that lets your sons or daughters attend or to have a generous work package that includes school tuition fees.eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'thailand505_com-portrait-1','ezslot_13',142,'0','0'])); Thailand is still a developing economy, and like many developing economies, the roads can get pretty hairy. 1. But even if you wanna go big, a sit-down meal for two of 4-5 dishes with rice and beers won’t run you more than 300-400฿ (£7-9). Why Is Thailand Known As "The Land Of Smiles"? Even then, perfect time to find some shelter and let the whole thing blow over with a singha/cappuccino between your hands. That’s not to say this is always the case. You’ve probably tried Chinese or Japanese cuisine at least once, so you know how chopsticks work. The city’s got it all. For one example, I once spent a sunny long weekend riding a scooter around a picture-perfect island somewhere in the south. Mostly, this is something you’ll forget about when you’re living here, but there are a couple of exceptions. Please let me know in the comments! It’s a really tricky situation though, unfortunately. eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'thailand505_com-small-square-2','ezslot_26',129,'0','0']));One of the nice things about Bangkok is your lifestyle can be as stingy or extravagant as you like. The risk is not so high if you’re just using your bike to zip around a small rural town though. In Thailand, I don’t worry. For example, a Premier League football match at 12.30pm on a Saturday is broadcast at 6.30pm on a Saturday evening. That said, it’s still a pretty high wage for Thailand and more than livable for the frugally minded. It’s not something I think about much and has had no direct impact on my life so far, but I can imagine for certain people you would not want to live in a place that suffers from these problems. You see plenty of Westerners working in these kind of places in the tourist and urban areas, often you’ll see a Western manager with a group of Thai staff. The most common reasons often centre around wives and husbands and kids and such things. Krabi, for example, is filled with an array of interesting people of many different nationalities. Thailand has an abundance of reliable local transport. It does rain here but not in the way you’re used to. The first year isn’t so bad, but the longer you live here the more you will drift apart from people. Multicultural; 3. So cars and electronics are actually pretty costly. Even if you’re spending the week in some province you’ve never heard of before, simply ask the hotel where the nearest seven is to stock up on supplies. One thing I won’t be discussing but is an important part of moving here is the dating / romantic scene. That said, most of the year is fine. Here are a few of the main points to consider before moving to Thailand. But Jeff’s only free to get out of babysitting for one of the nights you’re back, a couple of weeks goes by in the blink of an eye and it’s rarely more than just a whistle-stop tour. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'thailand505_com-square-1','ezslot_27',149,'0','0'])); Personally, I know I’ll never purchase property here or open a business and probably not even get married for these reasons. 1. The same job in England would cost more just to get someone to take a look at it. I questioned myself… Did I want to live a continent away from all these people? I am an American. Public transport links aren’t terrible. It’s only an issue if you get caught in it. Safety; 7. I had a grand old time, as you tend to do when seeing old friends and drinking liver-threatening amounts of alcohol. Whether you want party islands, quiet beach towns, motorbike trips through the mountains or gorgeous national parks, the country has it all. Thanks!! I took it back to the rental place expecting an angry face and a hefty bill. I am also ESOL certified. I dont have a degree so is there any good paying jobs I can find ? Interview with Berthe - A Dutch expat living in Thailand, Interview with Frei - a Dutch expat living in Thailand, Interview with Graham Nash - a pseudo-Spaniard living in Thailand. Pretty bad, right? Thailand is filled with beach bars, full moon parties, restaurants and night markets. What do you love or hate about living in Thailand? A game at 4pm on Sunday might then be 11pm in Thailand and make for some tired eyes Monday morning. Sooner or later it seems everyone has a bad crash. ), the traffic can be excruciatingly bad in the Big Mango and other urban areas like Chiang Mai or Pattaya. I plan to look for a teaching job somewhere in Thailand – what do you think the opportunities would be? Quality of Schools; 5. The other side of the coin is that it’s very easy to lose friends too, as I’ll go into when we get to the “Con’s” section of this article. Trying to co-ordinate watching a football game around your life is a real kick in the teeth, particularly when you already suffer the misfortune of being a Tottenham Hostpur fan. So the “pros” section gets two entries for weather, namely that it’s sunny all the time and doesn’t get cold here. Expats are almost guaranteed to be exposed to many different cultures and meet people from all over the world. eval(ez_write_tag([[336,280],'thailand505_com-large-leaderboard-2','ezslot_2',103,'0','0']));I’m not the kind of person who tries to get a tan and I don’t even like being out during the day here, but simply being in a sunny country makes me SO MUCH happier. The ocean is beautiful and warm, and the weather is sunny during the tourist high season. There’s no reason not to really. Copyright © 2016 Globe Media Ltd. All rights reserved. It has a typical temperature of 32-38°C year round which drops to 20-25°C for a week or two during the cool season. The standard grub at street food stalls costs 40-60฿ (£1-£1.50) for a plate of fantastic Thai food. And the typical yaa baa addict doesn’t have the required English language ability to perform a mugging on a white dude. But this comes in the way of storms which, while very severe, only last for 1-2 hours per day. The primary reason for people going to Thailand is because of mesmerizing beauty. To avoid this, expats should try to get a Thai-speaking person to do the bargaining on their behalf. This will be skewed from my perspective as a white male from a European country in their mid-30s. For you? You’re looking at year-round temperatures of 32-38°C even in the “cool” season. Craft beer is another item that won’t be found cheap and (good) Western food can often cost just as much as it would in a Western country. These things will shoot water out and make you feel clean as a whistle every time you go to the bathroom. The weather is often uncomfortably hot and the rainy season can last a long time, beginning around April and sometimes ending as late as December. Crime; 4. During this time, the weather is unpredictable, making it difficult to plan activities. This puts the military in a very strong position to hold power even in the “democratically elected” government. Bars and beach parties are more common. Dangerous Roads; 6. I was fine but it does make you think you’re one idiot away from a nasty and avoidable end. Not my intention when I started this list I can assure you! Thai employment law is very strong and protective of workers, there are lots of example of foreign expats suing companies for wrongful dismissal and such. Anyone who’s lived here a while starts to realise the superior nature of the fork and spoon pairing and begins to use it for their own cooking and even when they visit their home countries. When humidity is low you get a dry heat which isn’t too unbearable, especially in the shade. As much as I’ll try to keep it relevant to everyone, I’m sure my biases will seep through anyway so bear that in mind. There is a big eating out culture here, which doesn’t necessarily mean sit down restaurants it can just mean picking something up on your way home from a street food cart, a hole-in-the-wall restaurant, or a 7/11. Now I'm blogging each new adventure as it comes my way. Depending on your area, there are very few ‘Western-style’ nightclubs or places designed specifically for dancing the night away. It’s a fact of life here. Your only passable options are international schools. Expats should be sure not to miss as Loy Krathong and Songkran, two of Thailand's most spectacular local festivals. A tough wage to live on if you’re used to a Western way of living and you hanging around with Western expats. In 6 years here I can count probably 3-4 really good friends I’ve made that have then moved away. Vanilla chai, chamomile sleep aids, mint explosions… that kinda stuff. During the dry season, when farmers burn their fields and there’s little wind or rain around, the skies turn from a brilliant blue to a fuzzy grey. However, expats need to be prepared for the fact that, like anywhere else in the world, there are pros and cons to living in Thailand. Every year, thousands of tourists come to Thailand to experience and take part in the many unique events and ceremonies the country has to offer. Your email address will not be published. I plan to move here but I’m nervous about finding a job, any advice?