At the back of the Lighthouse is a WATER source.

Use Thundersticks from the shed to open the door. Max retrieves the light bulbs but is attacked by Buzzards who are ruthless, murderous bandits that live in the shadows. There's nothing more in this area than a couple of Fuel Cans and a Scrapulance car. Max discovers that the Underdune is in fact a buried airport, swarming with Buzzards. Scavenging Location [AV 46] (9/18): North East.

STORY MISSIONS: WASTELAND MISSIONS: CAMPS #1: FERAL MAN #2: MAGNUM OPUS ... Chumbucket will now have a Side Mission available for you. During the ride Chumbucket will give you the Flare GunAfter a cutscene you'll be able to upgrade Max.

3. Jeet though is unconvinced and talks with Max. The game is a stand-alone creation of WB and Avalanche Studios based on assets used in production of Fury Road from 1997 to 2010. Scavenging Location [AB 44] (3/191): In a ship wreck on the salt plain.Enemies: NoneLoot: 1 Scrap (Jimmy bar). UP and DOWN. Now you can tinker with your car. Take the LEFT path and beware of all the bear traps scattered across the ground. Hit the wheel at the top of the crane. Max agrees and they return to Chumbucket's hideout.

Next is a battle introducing a BUCKLER enemy. On the outer wall of the same shed at the very back is SCROTUS INSIGNIA #4 (7/15).

Collecting the CAR BODY will prompt you a few more tutorial pages. Work your way around the yard towards a rack of Thundersticks and that calm with end - with the yelling of a single Scrotus that bursts out of a cargo container. The next Story Mission will start when we reach Pink Eye's stronghold. Kick open the door and enter a peaceful area with INFINITE FUEL and a WATER source. The first one will be parked on the road.

A cutscene will reveal some snipers.

3 more Scrotus will attack you. A motion comic series (titled: Mad Max: Motion Comic) by DC Entertainment was released at Comic-con 2013. As you escape Chumbucket's Hideout you'll see one of Stank Gums cars. Meet up with the mysterious wastelander. There is nothing but a great view to find if you choose to walk around the platform.

Max demands Friah's fastest vehicle, and despite the protests of Hope and Glory, he leaves to retrieve his vehicle. By now you should've been discovered. When you approach the draw bridge you will have spawned the next set of enemies. Return to Jeet's Stronghold and speak with Chumbucket to start the next mission and be introduced to Archangels. Jeet accepts the deal. Drive up on the right side again and pull out the driver with the Harpoon. Ammo Inventory - Increases maximum ammo capacity for all weapons.

In this case there are flame pipes that turn on and off in intervals. There will be a stair next but pass it for now and grab SCRAP #8 from under the canopy instead. Chumbucket would constantly make statements concerning the Magnum Opus' radiator. Run around the cliff and back up and repeat until you complete: There will be three Scavenging Locations during this mission.

Strong Scarecrow [AB 33] (4/12): Your Harpoon is too weak - but you can boost crash it down.

Scavenging Location [AS 36] (2/18): Large Roadkill camp to the South East.

Build the Cleanup Crew Project (3/5)This will automatically collect all scraps scattered by destroyed vehicles and scarecrows in Jeet's territory. Use your harpoon to pull it out of the sand and you will complete this Challenge.

There should be some AMMO here left by one of the snipers you dealt with earlier. Use Jimmy Bar here (2/5)Enemies: 6 Roadkills Loot: 2 Scraps, 2 Ammo, PROJECT PART: Scrap Crew (2/4).

Also be ready for a single Scrotus ambush as you first go through that door. To get up there and grab the final scrap you need to walk out of the camp and look for a passage along the cliffside to the left of the entrance. Enter the door and make your way to the top.

Scavenging Location [AD 35] WATER (8/13)Enemies: 6 RoadkillsLoot: 3 Scraps, Ammo, PROJECT PART: Cleanup Crew (1/3), Scavenging Location [AB 36] (9/13): Inside a buried ship.

Bust through the door.

Vantage Outpost [AN 37] WATER (1/13): This balloon is READY TO USE.Enemies: 4 Scrotus.Loot: 3 Scraps, 1 Scrap Pallet, Ammo, CANNED FOOD, Water, Fuel Can.
Scavenging Location [AU 48] (7/18): Thrall Rustler's CaveUse the Harpoon to take out the Sniper guard. Avalanche Studios have commented that the game is not based in any country in particular, choosing to base it more upon the mythology, or tone, of the Mad Max film series. That's your queue to get out of there! Look out for bear traps on the floor.

Continue towards the Story Mission Objective. Turn the camera so you see the insignia between Max's legs.

You will need the Jimmy Bar here.Enemies: 2 BuzzardsLoot: 3 Scraps, Ammo, History Relic [2:15] (2/3), Secret Scavenging Location [AM 58] (OPTIONAL): Requires Jimmy Bar to accessEnemies: 5 BuzzardsLoot: 2 Scraps.
The next fight will be against 9 Scrotus. Priority number one: Take out the War Crier.

Return to the car. 3. Talk to Gutgash to start this mission (He's on the bridge above you). This balloon is ASCENDED.Enemies: None.Loot: 3 Scraps, MAGGOTS, Fuel Can. Down there is the final transfer tank (10/10) and the means to destroy it, i.e. Shotgun - Indicates the effectiveness of Max's shotgun.

They will explode after a few seconds. Jump back down and ignore the ladder leading down into a hole. This part of the road is heavy trafficked so expect to do some car combat here. There's also a container with SCRAP #9 here. In a last ditch attempt, Miller tried to develop his tie-in Mad Max game with help of newly acquired members of an Australian developer studio Team Bondi, but that plan had failed as well. Continue down the path and as soon as you enter the small room at the other end you'll find a cargo container door to your right that can be pried open with the Jimmy Bar (4/10). Easiest way to do this is to drive up to the Camp with the Harpoon equipped. There's one on at a lookout point in the mountain and there's another on the Transfer Tank Camp nearby. Go for the one on the Transfer Camp first as he can discover you and start the Camp Alert timer.

Drive off the cliff at the end and the mission is completed.

Return slightly and climb down to the ground level. Eliminate Perimeter Defense SAND SIFTER [AF 42]: Sniper from the Scarecrow location:2 Snipers (2-3/30)1 War Crier. The South Entrance is guarded by 3 Scrotus. These can be tricky if there's more than one of them.

On the other side of the path is a crane which you can break to destroy some more Transfer Tanks (6 and 7/11 - they drop onto another set below).

There are 2 snipers on the tower which you can easily take out from where you are after the cutscene.