Then pin and sew the skirt together. Different weights of fabric will gather differently, so it is always important to give your adjustments a test run before actually sewing on your project. Hi Willow, I usually work on a 2 to 1 ratio. We're back this month with another fun tip from Girl Charlee fabrics!

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While it’s true that most sergers don’t offer the same features of a traditional sewing machine, these specialized machines are invaluable in putting a professional finish on beautiful, hand-made items. With the touch of a dial, knob, or lever you can control the speed of each of the two feed dogs that move the fabric smoothly beneath the needles. If this is meant to be a skirt, you can fold down the top of the skirt to create a casing, and run elastic through. Now if I want to gather that up a little tighter, I'm going to find that left needle, which is going to be this thread here. SUBSCRIBE TO SEWING REPORT ON YOUTUBE FOR A REMINDER ON THE LIVE SHOWS + NEW VIDEOS! I'll get back to you as soon as I can! Thanks for that, yes was very scared of my overlocker when I first got it. Still psyching myself up to use it. Knife was cutting as usual and I have not used a gathering foot, just the standard foot that came with the machine.

It was so quick and easy I nearly fell off the chair. The most common reasons you’ll serge elastic are for waistbands, clothing, or you can use elastic on a serger to create a ruffle. And you can see it start to gather up in the back. The Cottage Mama Sewing Patterns Now Availlable in PDF / Digital Form! Thanks for pointing it out! Place the two fabrics with the right sides together, lining up the raw edges and sew together on one long side.

I'm not clear on when you sewed the skirt pieces into a complete circle - after you sewed the tiers together? Do you love your overlocker? Again, because of its differential feed shift, you're going to get the best gathering results out of a single layer of fabric. Since this was a Fourth of July dress, and was only going to be worn a couple times, I serged the raw edges of the bodice, straps, and skirt hem. I'm a new reader to your blog, I love when I find Aussie blogs . This time, put the just pieced skirt above the metal guide, and what's left of your long, skinny strip on the bottom with right sides together. your website looks awesome and I am looking forward to trying these tutorials. So, I decided to hand this one on and I've bought myself a new overlocker that also does cover stitch. Thanks so much! I chose to make my ruffle 1 1/2″ wide. So if I want my ruffle to be 10 inches, I will use a piece of fabric 20" long. Just a few setting changes and you'll be making ruffles in no time! In this case, I want to make sure that this is set on A, which is regular serging.