There is no state anywhere that would offer and accept an Alford plea if the conviction trial was “above the board.” As far as her death?……the area is known for rogue owls. i won my appeal in july 2016 but was re-convicted in feb 2017 for the same charges. In a population of 1.9 million, 84 cases over 10 years is by no definition common, worrying etc.

DNA TEST WILL SOLVE THIS CASE! I’m thankful that criminal outcomes aren’t determined by documentaries – in particular those watching them thinking they know better than judge and jury…. It’s not the documentaries doing that he is free, he had good representation, the original DA lady was a clown, and he could be innocent. I'm not surprised he wasn't prepared.

Did the jury convict significantly because of that testimony?

He might as well have said: ‘I plead guilty but claim innocence, accepting that there is a preponderance of evidence against me.’ In this circumstance it makes little sense for others to contradict this! If Petersen didn’t do it there is only one plausible explanation. The government, with unlimited resources and oodles of power-hungry employees, can be corrupt.

Caitlin Atwater, Katherine’s daughter from her first marriage, later switched sides. Had Phil been armed with this kind of counterpoint, it would have been a better interview. However, he would never have had the opportunity to lie absent Hardin putting him on the stand.

The value of Kathleen’s Nortel stock had dropped from more than $2 million at its peak to $50,000. He did find himself a post-lockup girlfriend, however, in one of the editors of The Staircase.

The role of the prosecution is to portray MP as having committed a murder and I believed that did the best they could.

Per UK, I cite these figures for convenience (the ones I found first, before England or whole-of-UK): Wrongful convictions in Northern Ireland: £9m in compensation since 2010; Errr…she was his neighbour, NOT his first wife. Why the uncooperative behaviour of him and his son on the arrival of the police doesn’t make sense.

very sad.

Friends of Liz Ratliff, who lived on the same German military base as Michael and his first wife, testified about the bloodiness of the scene of her demise. Even if there were triple the above number in reality, that would be 25 cases on average each year (in this small country): hardly a figure reflecting a failed system! He wouldn’t be the first prominent, wealthy white person privileged under colour of law. By all reports, Michael and Kathleen enjoyed a close, happy marriage and were sought-after guests on the local social scene. i was innocent of an alleged crime but was found guilty in the courtroom.

The reasonable inference from the plea is that P lacked confidence that he’d be found not guilty… because he was guilty.

She did, on the other hand, have an attractive life insurance policy. ), I watched the documentary recently and thought, could she have found out the same night and he pushed her down the stairs.

Michael moved into a two-bedroom condo, according to reporting from Cosmopolitan on June 11, 2018. Keep in mind Dr Phil is far from an investigative journalist. Nonetheless, in the end, there was just too much evidence against Michael Peterson.

Then she tried to get up but he stood over her and tried to cause further injury.

He was offered a second trial and chose an Alford, so it’s invalid to suggest that regardless of the first matters were not corrected.

She was the first woman accepted into Duke University’s school of engineering. It’s everything and everyone else. You presume this was planned, and planned well. But there was no 9,429-square-foot palatial home with a redwood-paneled author’s study for Michael to return to. That is the most compelling evidence yet.

The Durham police were incompetent horribly. We can only base claims of wrongfulness and/or misconduct on cases shown to have been such.

That poor woman! If Michael was younger and fit, I am sure he would have fought on. House large so would that be why Michael would not have heard her screaming if a raptor landed on her head ? It’s that underlying anger that just sneaks through.

'When I Watched You In The Documentary, I Saw A Lot Of Lie Behavior,' Dr. Phil Tells Guest Michael Peterson was indicted and charged with murder after his wife, Kathleen, was found bloody and barely conscious at the bottom of a staircase in their home. She was in my grammar school spelling class. He’s a SHU-in. 3. I pray for peace for him and his family.

(One of her daughters by the way) Makes no sense. None of them are based on science, evidence, or any professional expert opinion.

Then only male relations with Kathleen during their marriage. The fact that he's relegated to a day time modern day Jerry Springer show is telling to me. Son uncooperative. How could the DA show his/her face after all of that foul play?

On its own, circumstantial evidence allows for more than one explanation. Unless there is new, excuplatory, evidence he’d be mad not to accept that the outcome he got was the best he could’ve hoped for (as a murderer).

30% were sexual crimes; Overall, a lackluster showing from Dr Phil, and the usual manipulative blather from guilty Mike. Investigators said there was far too much blood for a fall down the stairs -- and another woman Peterson knew was also was found dead at the bottom of a staircase. But maybe it’s just possible that a bisexual owl’s just been found out seeing a hot male owl on the side by Mrs Owl and was so upset at the fallout he flew into the Peterson’s house accidentally after a few beers, got stuck in Mrs P’s hair in a drunken haze… and the rest’s history. but doubts mean he should have never been found guilty in the first place.