Offensive Summary: Combo guard. He will provide solid spacing on the floor. Uses his handles mostly to get into his quick gather for a shot off-the-dribble instead of using them to get into the paint, Login to add posts to your read later list. Who knows? Will occasionally take a play off or lose his man, but isn’t common. But, at the very least, he cannot become a defensive liability, especially for the Suns. Reading Screens: Does a good job at reading the defense while running off screens. Is LaMelo Ball worth the risk of a top 3 pick. Doesn’t have an ideal frame for the NBA game, with a short wingspan and average height for position but his basketball IQ and competitive fire make up for it. His footwork on/after his closeouts is a bit inconsistent and can get sloppy at times, but when he’s locked in, he does a great job there as well. NBA Draft: Should the Phoenix Suns sell or use the #10 pick? While his touch is one of the best in the class, he relies on floaters too much. Really does a nice job at beating his man to the spot, which forces a pass out. His C&S numbers are below and considering that just over 94% of his jump shots are from at least 17 feet, his percentages are impressive.

Can push the ball and make the right decision or fill the wings and spot up for 3, Quick, light feet on the perimeter (although occasionally gets caught on heels). Nico Mannion Scouting Report . If he can do this, his lack of wingspan will not be a concern. He has a little bit of a hunched back throughout his shot but it doesn’t seem to affect him. It’s actually a half-inch shorter than his 6-3 frame. late first to mid second round pick in the 2020 NBA Draft, 5-Star Corner: Patrick Baldwin Jr. Interview, The Elite 25 – The Top 25 Prospects in High School Basketball, 2020 NBA Draft Big Board, Early November Edition, The Most Underrated Incoming Freshman Who Will Make NBA scouts Take Notice. Reads the defense well when running around screens (knows when to curl, fade, come straight off, etc), Started the year off barely attacking the basket and relied on floaters a lot but has looked to attacking a little more often recently. If another ball handler is on the floor, he can be used off-the-ball for catch and shoot and movement shooting opportunities. Doesn’t attack off the catch often and prefers it to be off-the-dribble. Report as of February 3, 2020. Phoenix Suns free agency: Best wing targets for 2020 offseason, Phoenix Suns: Dario Saric should be brought back this offseason, Ranking the Phoenix Suns best top-5 picks, Top 10 highest individual scoring games in team history, ranking 20th in how often opposing offenses would shoot within 6 feet, J.R. Smith, Olivia Harlan Dekker Clash About Sam Dekker's Alleged Trump Support, Phoenix Suns: Potential trades with (almost) every NBA team. Nico Mannion. Off Ball / Team Defense: Has the IQ to be a positive team defender but the length (or lack thereof) might hinder him on that end. Comfortable finishing with either hand. Passing: Impressive passer.

Mannion averaged 1.5 steals per game in college, his penchant for playing the passing lanes is underrated. He has shown the ability to drive and kick or dump it off to bigs but being more aggressive with attacking the basket could open up more opportunities. Would definitely help on the defensive end and with attacking the basket.

Given his father's size, it will be interesting to see how Mannion's frame matures in the coming years.

Your privacy is safe with us. Has also shown the ability to jump the passing lanes (St Johns game) although this is something that can probably improve a little also. He does a decent job at drawing fouls in his limited drives to the rim. Very advanced shotmaking off the dribble for his age. Every now and then, he will get caught on his heels but not too much of a problem.
Because of this, Nico hasn’t been asked to fight over screens often and a lot of it relies on the bigs being able to contain and recover while Nico is getting there. Tough to expect above average defense against most starting guards but, Smart defender with good awareness. His main defensive goal going into the season was to protect the paint. Build your custom FanSided Daily email newsletter with news and analysis on Phoenix Suns and all your favorite sports teams, TV shows, and more. Perimeter Defense: Quick, light feet allow him to defend on the perimeter well vs other guards. Most of his off-movement shots are when his defender is trailing him or trying to jump the passing lane so he reads his defender and makes the right decision. There is definitely room for improvement though, mostly based on his aggression.

Will take a bad, questionable shot here and there, but that could be because of what is asked of him on offense and Arizona’s roster construction. Unfortunately, Nico Mannion has no control over his wingspan. There are two things to consider when projecting to the next level – dealing with NBA spacing could help him attacking more often but going up against bigger and better athletes may make it a little harder considering his size/frame. WING: 6-2 1/2: REACH: NA: Draft Notes . His C&S / spot-up shooting is a very easy thing to project to the next level because of his good form, solid shooting numbers, free throw success, and amazing touch. Your favorite teams, topics, and players all on your favorite mobile devices.

He played college basketball for the Arizona Wildcats.He attended Pinnacle High School in Phoenix, Arizona, where he was a consensus five-star recruit and one of the top point guards in the 2019 class. Mannion’s lack of wingspan makes it difficult for him to replicate Rubio’s prowess. A decent amount of these lead to drawing charges also. He does a great job at stopping on a dime and pulling up before a defender can get a hand up to contest. Can stop on a dime and quickly pull up before allowing the defense to get a hand up to contest. Could add some strength to help also, Really comfortable passing in the pick and roll and loves dribbling baseline and dumping it off to his bigs, Isn’t the most explosive player – not bad though – in isolation, but does a great job at using change of pace, change of direction, and smart angles to get to the basket, Solid player in transition.

It will be important to add strength to consistently match up against the stronger guards. A consummate point guard who makes great decisions with the ball, can handle against pressure and know when to look to score. Footwork: As mentioned in the perimeter defense description, he has quick, light feet which allow him to slide quickly. Shot Selection: Good for the most part. His stepback can use some improvements (doesn’t create too much space on stepbacks so he often tries to pump fake and draw fouls instead). Not an ideal frame but can still add some strength and fill out a bit. On the other hand, he has times where he has a really good closeout and can slide his feet to stop the drive to force up a bad shot. Ability to play on and off the ball. He’s able to shoot off-the-dribble out of the PnR and can make defenses pay for going under the screen, but also has a quick enough gather to where he can step into a pull-up vs a drop coverage and his defender trailing him over the screen. Rubio has always been a strong on-ball and help defender. The 4 best players the Phoenix Suns have selected at #10.