First, you will arrive at a cute little turf structure - it is a 120-year-old mill house, which runs by hydroelectric power in Króktúnslækur creek. Hekla can often be seen with this strange looking cloud on her top, which makes her look like she is wearing a cap with a tassel. Renting a Home – You can look for rental properties on, or Vestmannaeyjar islands are also close to here, so why not pop over to visit the volcanic islands  which erupted in 1973. The members of the Board of Trade overlapped with the members of the town council for a reason. Date: ca. Keldur turf-farm and an employee from the National Museum. Retrieval Number: CORA-B-83, Title: Downtown Regina The City of Regina Transit Service is Saskatchewan's oldest public transit system, ... Building a Home - Regina & Region Home Builders’ Association has an extensive website that provides a lot of consumer information on building a new home or renovating an existing home. The church was modeled after churches in northern France, and is faced in yellow brick, with limestone accents.

Regina is wealthy in architectural treasures. Other than the important buildings I've mentioned already, I want to name my absolute favourite, the SaskPower Building, designed by Joseph Pettick.
My mother's cousin and her husband are the farmers of Keldur now, and his ancestors lived at Keldur. © Copyright - All photos are public domain After 1928, when the RCMP assumed responsibility for policing Saskatchewan, the building accommodated the district headquarters of the RCMP. I saw this exquisite artifact at Þjóðminjasafn Íslands - Iceland's National Museum. No walking tour of downtown Regina is complete without checking out the Old Post Office / City Hall building. My mother's cousin allowed us to have a look inside the old turf farm at Keldur and the church. Sometimes known as the Prince Edward Building, it's one of the oldest remaining structures in downtown Regina. The interior of the church has been extensively redecorated five times, starting in 1928, so if you get the chance, try and check out the interior (just knock 5 times and say the magic word).

The 25 meters long underpass leads from the farm to the creek and is believed to have been an escape passage during the Sturlungaöld age wars. To reach this area you can rent a car in Reykjavík. Additions were made to the turf farm in 1800, a baðstofa - sitting room, which was rebuilt in 1891. I just recently wrote this travel-blog on all the turf houses in Iceland, which is a start, but there are several stone buildings as well in the collection, which I will show you in another travel-blog. The National Museum of Iceland bought the old turf farm in 1942, and the farmhouse is part of the National Museum Historic Buildings Collection. It is possible to drive almost the whole way down to the turf houses at Keldur. Retrieval Number: CORA-H-9, Title: Birds' eye view of downtown Regina In other seasons you can have a look at the turf-house and take some photos from the outside. By them runs Keldnalækur creek. So a drying system is needed to keep them dry in the wintertime, but in the summertime, many of them are open to visitors. I adore turf houses, also called sod houses, they are so typical Icelandic. He was one of the most powerful chieftains in Iceland in the 12th century. An underpass was found in 1932 by coincidence when the residents were digging for a septic tank. An underpass was found in 1932 by coincidence when the residents were digging for a septic tank. Keldur is located in South-Iceland, between the villages of Hella and Hvolsvöllur, and is well worth the detour from the ring-road 1. The oldest remaining structure in Iceland is to be found at Keldur. The importance of Regina 's early downtown business community cannot be overstated.

It is no accident that many of the town fathers were also many of the town's most prominent businessmen. See this. Take a. Fun fact, the plans originally called for the exterior of the building to be red brick but after construction had begun and red bricks were already on the site, Premier Walter Scott decided that Manitoba Tyndall stone would give the building greater grandeur. The final cost of the church was $135,000 and in 1951, 43 stained glass windows were installed. Those businessmen wanted to attract new settlement to the community in order to foster their businesses, and so they joined the town council to ensure that Regina had facilities that would attract new settlers. Laufás turf house, Þverá turf house, and Grenjaðarstaður turf house, all of which are located in  North-Iceland. a smithy, a cattle-shed, a stable, store-houses, a stockyard, and a smithy. Other names are familiar because their contributions to the skyline of downtown left such an indelible mark on the city: the McCallum Hill Building .
4 Postcard Worthy Historical Buildings in Regina, Saskatchewan, With no shortage of things to do, the Provincial capital comes in near the top of our 'places to visit' in Saskatchewan list. The present turf houses were rebuilt after big earthquakes shook the houses in 1896 and 1912. The Edwardian Gardens were designed to please the eye and delight the senses, just like you ;) . There is an entrance fee for adults, but free entrance for children under 18 years old. M) single story office building. Regina 's early businessmen weren't just in the business of selling goods and services – they were in the business of selling Regina as a concept to new settlers. We'll save that list for another day though, in the meantime, take a gander at some of Regina's must see historical buildings! Take a walking tour and check out these old post card beauties! The Amédée Forget Museum for example gives you a glimpse at what life was like at the turn of the 20th century. While building partnerships with the City of Regina, Heritage Saskatchewan, Regina Downtown Business Improvement District, the Civic Museum and others, Heritage Regina works to raise awareness and appreciation for the value of heritage and its importance for sustaining the culture and identity of the city. The front buildings are parallel to the farmyard, which is a design that has been used at Keldur since the middle ages. 1908: Saskatoon : Walter William LaChance: Hotel Bessborough: 70.7: 14: 1931: Saskatoon: Archibald and Schofield: Read more about this topic: List Of Oldest Buildings In Canada. By the information sign you will find a car park - leave your car there as not to disturb the farmers, and walk for a short distance to the old farmhouses. unless otherwise indicated.

Retrieval Number: CORA-B-545, Title: Capitol Theatre

With no shortage of things to do, the Provincial capital comes in near the top of our 'places to visit' in Saskatchewan list. Have some free time in the Queen's City? Close to Keldur is the well-known volcano Mt. Have some free time in the Queen's City? The other buildings at Keldur, apart from the farm are f.ex. It is, in my opinion, an extremely cute turf house, bui, Discover the waterfall Gljúfrabúi The great thing about travelling around Iceland are all the different and unique spots and areas you can discover when driving around. Lava rocks from Hekla's eruptions were used for building the farmstead at Keldur. M) parcel, this wood frame, single story building is built on a full crawl space with perimeter grade beam and piles throughout. It is called Keldnaskrínið from the Keldnakirkja church and is on loan from the National Museum of Denmark. The Post Office and other federal government offices occupied the premises until 1962. Regina 's early businessmen weren't just in the business of selling goods and services – they were in the business of selling Regina as a concept to new settlers. Comments (1) next day → NIKON D300 1/60 second F/5.0 ISO 200 15 mm. Part of road 264 is gravel, but it is suitable for 2WD cars. I have seen the water being described as the clearest and coldest in Iceland. GPS:  63°49'17.9"N 20°04'25.4"W, the most popular guided tours of the South Coast of Iceland. Hekla, which erupts pretty frequently, and from Keldur is a beautiful view of the volcano (see my photo above). Still other local business owners have had Regina streets named in their honour: Goldman Crescent (named for clothing store magnate Leon Goldman), Ehman Bay (named partly for Adolf and Clara Ehman, pioneer business people who owned and operated butcher shops, movie theatres and hotels in the city), Pappas Crescent (named in honour of Louis and Nick Pappas, café owners).

If you like them you should be able to find them easily in Iceland in summer. Sænautasel Turf House in the Highlands of Iceland, all of the remaining turf houses in Iceland, Þjóðminjasafn Íslands - Iceland's National Museum, travel-blog on all the turf houses in Iceland. The hall (skáli) of the turf houses is believed to be the oldest turf house hall in Iceland. I have written travel-blogs on all of the remaining turf houses in Iceland, f.ex. The total cost of construction came to $1.75 million by the time of its opening in October 1912. Title: South Railway and Broad Streets The Government House is now home a number of things to do and offers a number of engaging and ever changing public programs to further enhance your experience in Regina.