Simple Smart Phones For Elderly: Overview.

Below is our range of smart phones that have a simple design specifically for the elderly.

Best Cell Phone For A Blind Person: The iPhone The iPhone is the best cell phone for the visually impaired.

iPhones and iPads come with Apple iOS. We also have a smartphone for the visually impaired with talking menus, large, bright and clear icons and many more useful features for the blind or partially sighted. These phones mirror the abilities of modern day smartphones with access to apps, internet and camera; but are easy to use with a simple design. Privacy & Cookie Policy

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For blind or visually impaired people though, only certain devices will be usable.

Thanks for the article , may need a new phone soon so will remember it and read it, and the comments again before i pay out a wodge of cash. But qwertys are probably better over all for composing emails and surfing the web.

Phones for hearing impaired people with clear sound It can be a struggle to make a call if you’re hard of hearing – especially if you’re in a busy place, or there’s a lot going on around you. As with mobile phones, they have voice over and accessibility features, and a wealth of apps useful for visually impaired users. In this article, we'll tell you about the best cell phones for the visually impaired!

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About us iPhones have large, high-contrast displays and several accessibility features to help those with visual impairments get the most out of the phone.

A mobile phone is totally pointless if you can’t make or receive calls or texts. Please consider upgrading your browser software or enabling style sheets (CSS) if you are able to do so. You can book a phone appointment with one of our local experts.

Our Smartphone for visually impaired people is easy to use, quick to learn and offers all the features of a smartphone, but in a format that’s usable for someone with a visual impairment. This page is best viewed in an up-to-date web browser with style sheets (CSS) enabled. Go to our online shop or pop into your local EE store where our friendly staff can give you expert advice to make sure you get the right phone for you. All other handsets will require add on software, which has a market value over £100. We appreciate you may need help in using some of those free methods and that help may not always be available. Read more. Please try again later, We cannot identify your location.

Call us on 150 free from your EE phone (pay as you go charges may apply). TechSilver in the Media However, mid-range phones costing significantly less are now also very usable.

The top spec phones can cost more than £1,000.

Something went wrong. As people are different, therefore, different technology is needed for them. Features >

It’s all well and good being privy to your gadget’s output, but if you can’t communicate with the device, then it’ll be a frustrating, one-sided relationship. Totally blind phone purchasers, consider whether the buttons are well defined, evenly spaced, and arranged in a sensible way so that you can hit the one you want without thinking about it.

Nowadays, mobile phones are geared up for so much more than calls and texts.