- by Gert Piqueur, 8.49 miles -

After some in-your-face switchbacks, you get your first glimpse of Mount Tupper and Mount Macdonald and then of the Illecillewaet Glacier. Gas stoves only. ", "The hike to Heart Lake would normally be quite accessible though this time of year often has conditions that are quite variable. Camp at least 100' away from all streams, lakes and trails. Did you have any route finding issues up to Heart Lake? About Adventures with B: My late friend Anna Smith, who lost her life Himalayan climbing, once said to me after an epic we had in Chamonix where we got away unscathed: “Adventures with you are messy and unplanned but always fun and my favourite.” This weekly column will focus on skiing, hiking, SUPing, paddling, fishing, friends and more.

", "Great overnight trip up to Roger's Peak Lake and back down. They occupy adjacent terraces in a large alpine basin just below the Continental Divide. My blog post from October 2018. - by carosauriol, 3.42 miles - (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); You can contact ProTrails directly through our Facebook or Instagram accounts. Mount Tupper was formerly named Hermit Mountain until renamed in honour of Sir Charles Tupper in 1887. Difficult Access: Easy And like most Glacier National Park hikes, Hermit Meadows is steep, but follows a distinct and well-used trail. we went to Roger's pass and started towards the rolly section behind that nice knife-edge on your left, but it was 8 - 12" of snow. There are no designated campsites in this travel zone. ", "The views at the top are just amazing. Fit hikers can get from the parking area to the meadows in 90 minutes, but if you’re carrying heavy packs with camping gear then add an hour. Be wary of thunderstorms when ascending Roger's pass as they come in rapidly without warning. Around mile 3, the transitions to snow on trail were more frequent and were best run with snowshoes if carrying packs for camping. ", "Wonderful hike. The trail crosses two bridges over Clayton Creek (2.2 miles : 10,038') and continues steadily in a moss-draped forest to a second tributary bridge (2.6 miles : 10,235').

See my photos at http://www.flickr.com/photos/question_everything/sets/72157630914668680/with/7717284012/ --- view in slide show mode.

We weren't too off from the real trail (which couldn't be seen anymore). Easy Cold air dropping from the glacier is a welcomed reprieve from the scorching mid-summer temps as you hike up the final few hundred metres onto the meadows proper. We stayed high because we thought the trail by Rogers lake would have deeper snow to it. I had forgotten how many water crossings there are, but aside from one with a tiny bit of a two-log imbalance to navigate, the footbridges make them easy.

Sir Donald. ", "Great hike up to Heart Lake. - by Mwakoja, © Wikiloc. Once you get eyes on the alpine, the trail mellows out and you start following more rocky terrain next to a low ridge. Phone photos from an iPhone 11. Look for tree markers in the form of red dots; these will assist in following the correct route. The trail - obfuscated and belied by numerous side trails meant to avoid obstacles - takes patience to assess. Rollins Pass Road is located 4.9 miles south of Nederland, Colorado. Will not show on comments list. It starts to feel very “Lord of the Rings” as you can see in the photo below. Caught two cutthroats. To find the trail from Heart Lake, first locate the oft-blown down Heart Lake sign on its southeast shore (GPS point below). These mountains are popular for ski mountaineering, camping, hiking and mountain climbing. It’s an easy trailhead to find as it’s well signed and located directly on the Trans Canada Highway 79 kilometres west of Golden.

going to be a little slick (early) after about a mile in. Easy While the other 4 summits all require some 4th to low 5th class rock climbing, the … 130809 balu pass glacier national park canada.

Snow may linger into late summer and obscure the trail. The extra effort to climb up Rogers Pass is well worth it. Total Elevation: 875 m

In 1907, the Illecillewaet Glacier was known as the “most visited glacier in the Americas” but was called the Great Glacier. I’m not a gear nut so often just bring what I have in the van. ", "went in from moffat tunnel. It rises past the tunnel through intervals of aspen, spruce and meadow to the Arapaho Lakes - Forest Lakes split (1.25 miles : 9,545') and Crater Lakes split (1.85 miles : 9,925'). From there you can head onto the Swiss Glaicer and other alpine objectives. Comments. For shoes I wore Black Diamond Sessions, which I’ve been using for most adventures lately.

Fishing is permitted with a valid Colorado state fishing license. 440 -- glad we did. Backpackers should get an early start during peak season to secure space and avoid crowds: Follow signs right (north) of Moffat Tunnel to the South Boulder Creek Trail. The trail past Rogers to Heart Lake was also quite variable with snowpack as well as transitions to exposed ground. Ignore turnoffs that climb toward the pass. Anticipate steep, twisting, irregular intervals through 1.05 miles from the lake; the final .3 miles moderate some on a more direct line back to South Boulder Creek Trail (1.35 miles : 10,310'), just a few steps away from a recognizable bridge 2.6 miles from the trailhead. Trail Photos

- by AnaMonica, 4.28 miles - Mount Rogers massive is one of the biggest mountains in Rogers Pass area, towering above most of the nearby summits except for Mt. On August 24th 2002, the federal government signed legislation designating 14,000 acres west of Rollinsville the. Over the past 20 years, I”ve often used the trail as a quick up-and-down to get the blood flowing while driving from Canmore to Squamish. Distance: 3 km ← The best Hiking trails in British Columbia, 7.64 miles - If you've driven the pass, you've seen the trail head about 66 miles west of Great Falls -- the wooden stairs off the right side of the road when you're headed toward Lincoln on highway 200.

Heart Lake sites are more exposed. The trail is wet and we ran into some snow patches but it was very doable and camping is in full swing. The main trail wraps the lake’s east side and scales a steep ridge through treeline to a ridge just over Heart Lake at the Rogers Pass Trail split (4.35 miles : 11,316’). Rogers Pass Hike. ", "Trail clear all the way, with some muddy sections to navigate. The extra effort to climb up Rogers Pass is well worth it. It’s rare that I head into the alpine without climbing gear and a bigger objective, but Hermit Meadows is such a stunning area that I can’t help but stop the car and romp up when motoring between ranges.

", "Hiked up to Heart Lake today and once you get past the Crater Lakes split, there is a TON of snow as well as large mud pits you have to navigate through or around. The views from both the top of Rogers Pass and James Peak are fantastic, looking down the Continental Divide. Then the trail goes from dirt to rock steps in moss and meadow-like terrain. Most of my gear relates to technical climbing. We camped up by Rogers Pass Lake. Rogers Peak is the westernmost of the 5 and is the highest, also the technically easiest. Rogers Pass between Golden and Revelstoke in B.C. It is a calm and scenic place with a good rest area and plenty of parking to stop while driving along the highway. Wildflowers were just starting to come out.

The trail is marked with large blue dots spray painted on trees (in response to the comments about the switch back just before the trail split at the beginning of the hike). A few tents sit perched on wooden platforms but the vastness gives a remote vibe to the experience. If this hike is on your to-do list this season, I would wait a few more weeks. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. Perfect day to showcase the beauty of this trail and its destinations. The dirt road is well-maintained but conditions deteriorate when wet. Hardly any exposure for first 4 miles, but then full exposure for last 0.5 miles to the Lake, so the snow gets really soft. Discover the most beautiful places, download GPS tracks and follow the top routes on a map. The gals left in 2 groups: one group was headed to Roger's Peak, and the other group went to Roger's Pass. Our descent just two days later did not require snowshoes at all, and the snow on trail will likely be fully melted in another week. It turned out that I had climbed in the Canadian Rockies with his son a few years prior. I attempted this trail last november and again this may and was greeted with HEAVY snow starting from almost the very beginning.

The trail was shaded and fairly muddy with some snow, but nothing you can't get through. There is a somewhat hidden turn off for a switchback (right hand) around the 1.5 mile mark that so keep vigilant." Moderate And like most Glacier National Park hikes, Hermit Meadows is steep, but follows a distinct and well-used trail. is one of Canada’s most famous alpine climbing, skiing and hiking areas. Lots of rain during mid July. The Heart Lake basin is open and easy to explore. I stayed on the SBCT both ways. Highly recommend!