Comment. Miners only. So you want a line building them as soon as you can. Set all these constructors to iron rods. Which means something like six screw constructors, three plate constructors, and then you also need a rod constructor or two. We shall place the remaining three smelters along the second column spanning the fifth and sixth, seventh and eighth as well as the ninth and tenth rows.

Part 5 – Reinforced Iron plate Assemblers. Advertisements.

My brother and I built our base on the edge of the map floating over the waterfall area. It's not hard to jump over a few belts and pick them up. The constructor layout is a 5 x 6 foundations, with 8 constructors running down the two sides.

Automate everything that isn't strictly an intermediate component -- circuit boards and stators (for example) are *only* used in recipes so you can skip (storage for) them, but rotors, reinforced plates, modular frames, steel beams and pipes, plates, screws, etc.

This guide will have a selection of screenshots to help in the construction, and should you need it, you can find a video time lapse guide attached. This Satisfactory guide will show how to be as productive and as efficient as humanly possible. 41 votes, 24 comments. Content is available under CC NY-NC-SA 3.0 unless otherwise noted.

Say, 5 Supercomputers per second. The splitter on the right-hand side should be connected to three constructors (one in-front and one to each side) The splitter on the left will be connected to two constructors. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. If you need a factory to run at 150%, get two factories to run at 75% then, as constructions materials are plentiful and you can build as many factories as you like. Like -- it makes sense to automate reinforced plates so that you can make mk2 belts, but if you then want to automate modular frames you need *three* assemblers making the plates. Now we shall create a 2:1 load balancer, place a merger flowing into the first constructor, then diagonally from the merger place a splitter, we will connect the front and right-hand side output to the merger and we shall run the left-hand output to the second constructor.

In front of the left constructor of each smelter, place a merger flowing forwards and directly in-front of each merger place another splitter.

To start off, place a splitter in the centre of the first row in the sixth column with the outputs flowing ahead and to the left. I saw a few diagrams, but there wasn’t much accounting for when/where to store stuff. This webpage and it’s respective owner(s) are not affiliated with Satisfactory or Coffee Stain Studios. Go for it. Whilst maintaining a clean open factory. EX

If you stretch a conveyor along a conveyor wall adjacent to the output of your constructors you can put mergers on it and feed the constructor output in through the wall.

We are now ready to place the last five assemblers next to one another in a row starting from the 11th row in the last column.


Automating plates, screws, rods, wire, cables, and cement will save time though. Splitters and Mergers clip through walls.

To get the correct positioning place a splitter flowing forwards directly in front of the very first smelter in the first row.

Edit: power is limited in this game. THEN sit down and build a nice central location that produces a lot of basics.

This is why you don't build randomly. Make sure the bus leading to the smelters has at least 50 iron ore on the line per minute. You can then replace the floor. If you have a particular layout or guide you’d be interested in sharing with the community, we’d gladly give

Stator & Motor Super-Efficient Factory Layout Epic Steam EA EX Beginner Rectangle Manifold 130 foundations The aim of this layout is to reach 20 stators per minute, going on to create 10 motors per minute. Our last input will bring the 15 encased industrial beams that we discussed in the previous guide to the factory. Next bring the modular frames from our last build straight to the manufacturer in the right-hand input. 2020-10-11. You build with a purpose, and get as efficient as you can. We will need to also merge the last three constructors as well as the rod constructor in the plate constructor line. I put the floor down, then get a power line in, then build some railing across the center.