It sounds especially sweet when spoken out of the mouth of an older Southern lady, but really anybody can use it.

Elizabeth has lived and worked in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia, all of which have contributed to her passion for travel writing. In fact, Tennessee, South Carolina, and Texas all made the top five spots on our list of the, And, while that makes travelling through this region of the country easier, you’ll still want to arm yourself with a few. All Rights Reserved. The opposite meaning of the previous phrase. Sour On – To get sick of someone or something,  to give up something out of disgust. This Southern slang phrase sounds as if someone’s not yet finished their sentence.

[MUSIC] Well, it's six of one, half dozen of the other. That wasn't a polite term either. Spoops, Spoosy – A soft-brained fellow, or one whose manners are objectionable.

Scranch – To crunch, crack, or break any hard thing between the teeth. These simple and spectacular Southern cakes deserve a comeback, These sides will be the real stars of Thanksgiving dinner. Submitted by Walter Rader (Editor) from Sacramento, CA, USA Submitted by Walter Rader (Editor) from Sacramento, CA, USA You’ll need these vocabulary words to understand who Southerners are talking about.

To Smutch – To blacken with smoke, soot, or coal. Shecoonery – A whimsical corruption of the word chicanery.

On this episode of "Secret Talent Theatre," Reese Witherspoon teaches you Southern slang words and phrases. Sagamore – The title of a chief or ruler among some of the American tribes of Indians. Sulky – A carriage for a single person, generally in the form of a chaise.

Sidle – Move unobtrusively or sideways; “The young man began to sidle near the pretty girl sitting on the log”. The South is known for tasty vittles often referred to as soul food. Get the latest coverage and analysis on everything from the Trump presidency, Senate, House and Supreme Court. Last edited on Aug 31 2011. Submitted by Weal Acodificare from USA Submitted by Steve Pine from Winston-Salem, NC, USA If someone’s, Seeing as Southerners like to shorten words, it’s funny that this phrase is actually way longer than it needs to be. Whether someone has eaten too much or is ready to dine, Southerners definitely enjoy chatting about food. Stand In –  To cost. Our Favorite Southern Slang Here's some of our all-time favorite Southern slang.

To come to the scratch. on Jul 30 2007.

If you’re talking to a large group of people, you can emphasise it by saying all y’all.

In fact, Tennessee, South Carolina, and Texas all made the top five spots on our list of the 50 Friendliest States in the US.

Submitted by Kevin Watson from Southern, Kawartha Lakes, ON, Canada Shannon Dell.

Stuff – A weak, worthless person, one without energy. Squatter – One who settles on land without legal title, a widespread practice in the West. “Her face was smooth and slike.”. [MUSIC] Let it roll off of you like water off a duck's back.

Usually applied to people who were prim, formal, or stuffy. acronym of "Biggest Beating Ever," which can refer to "beating" as in a severe physical attack, or a severe defeat e.g.

ABC News is your trusted source on political news stories and videos. Scratch – To come to the encounter, begin a fight, i.e. Screw Loose – Something wrong.

Last edited on Aug 26 2009. Submitted by Karl from Chicago, IL, USA

Southerners would much rather paint a verbal picture than get straight to the point. Split Fair – Tell the truth, divulge, inform. Y’all. our editorial process .

Submitted by Leigh S. from Longnewton, Stockton-on-Tees, UK It sounds nicer though, doesn’t it? As in the bar scene from the movie Tombstone, when the barkeep says: “only the bummers and drovers, just the drakes. [MUSIC] Okay, that dog won't hunt. Stall Your Mug – Go away, make yourself scarce.

However, if you’ve ever crossed a hen then you’ll know just how moody they can be at times. Also means to turn aside, or start, as a horse, to sheer. Here's some of our all-time favorite Southern slang. My favorite saying.

To cut or make a shine, is to make a great display. Throwing around a few “yee haws” and “y’alls” just ain’t gonna cut it in this part of the USA.
Kelley, 1906. Chiefly Southern: A self-service laundry.

Salt-Lick – A saline spring, where animals resort for drink. A large, tall person. If you’re looking to decode Southern slang, then you came to the right place.

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However, either way is fine.

Signalize – To communicate information by means of signals or telegraph. And means, to hang about. on Nov 14 1999.

3. It’s literally just another way to say could but with an additional word in there. Stem-winder – Applied to anything quite perfect, finished, with the latest improvements. Well I’ll be is just another way to express shock or surprise. Scow – A large flat-bottomed boat, generally used as a ferry boat, or as a lighter for loading and unloading vessels when they cannot approach the wharf. You know my pocketbook is [MUSIC] Woo I'm fat as a tick.

And, you’ll be pleased to find that the locals are just about as friendly as they come.

Squaw – An extremely derisive term for an Indian woman.

Squinny – To cause a laugh, to laugh, wink, smile. on Sep 08 2002. on May 13 2011. Southerners certainly have a way with words.