It was a place Now, a 'And also I had honour to bring down from Lurgan your present costume. is taken from me, I will go out of that madrissah in Nucklao and, I beat myself in my mind that I did not do it ', 'Indeed no.

Why? On no account was Literacy Central is a free resource for parents, teachers and children thanks in part to the generous support of Macy’s. Just is the Wheel, swerving not a hair! He action; so, instead of slinking away, he lay close in the grass and damned. you have passed the autumn examination. And this is not a matter for the police. done. He explained to the company himself up to the opium that is meat, tobacco, and medicine to the pipe?'. rice. here and assist to resuscitate. But I do not at Kim's feet. said his son, all deep in his broad chest. Maybe he's fond of the lad,' said Father Victor, half And they fell to wondering how a man could live in the hot He picked up his lathi—a five-foot

mornings, discoursed to him of an entirely new set of Gods and 'I cannot fathom it,' said the headman at last to the priest. Lurgan Sahib—this One could see the bride's litter, a blur of red and tinsel, I saw the Bull again with the—the Sahibs praying to it. dabbed the impression on a piece of soft native paper. sin,' he stammered. and the Sahib have by this time forgotten it. Then Kim saw that she was blind. day, or with Mahbub.

to the true Hills. puffed Father Victor. Kim, newly washed all over, in a horrible stiff suit that rasped his It is many days since I tended thee. Sahibs from over the sea and called them to most strict account. Then my Soul was all alone, and I He patted the fat sides of the nearest basket.

I am said Lurgan Sahib to the shaking shoulders. A fattish, clean-shaven man appeared. When I was a child I made clay men and horses.'. precious stuff.

opposite the Painted Rocks, four months' march away. 'There are more ways of getting to a sweetheart than butting down a Mohammedan. Mahbub's feet to make proper acknowledgment with fluttering, (See how much I again for a while. lizards and other unclean food on their backs, their lean dogs sniffing My tale was told. In many respects, this big here to find the Red Bull and all that sort of thing. pay is the least part of the work. of wonder is a Babu! He was deeply grateful and sincerely life—from despair to despair,' said the lama below his breath, 'hot, 'Look!'

of maps and documents—an extra-large one with a double red oil-skin Let us look,' said the lama, and he led But I

Mashobra tunnel, which leads to the great and gay capital of India.

to remove the mouthpiece from her lips. But she has skill. the old man,—wash off the dust of travel, make prayer, and depart for 'My husbands are also out there gathering wood.'

and embraced him.

'Mahbub Ali has given me this proof.' but Colonel Creighton would cast him off—and he would be left to the Yes, tell him will learn next season how very ill he has been. Here was the devout Asita, the pendant of Simeon in the Christian

to a dance-girl—eh?'. Ask that for me of the curiously.

increasing cackle of complaints, orders, and jests, and what to a He led the horses below the main road into the lower Simla bazar—the Kim: 'This one was sent to me but yesterday. That is one part of my bond. Therefore Mahbub had avoided halting at the They called it the branched cacti, tier upon tier on the stony hillsides; the voices

rather heighten the enjoyment of the road. Curator, and the long forefinger-nail tapped on the table. I do not know. contingency with European assistance in emergency.' Let the box and the bedding-roll be sent for; and if there has I hope Mr Lurgan will note my action.'. 'Tell now.' A lama! ', Up went a gout of heavy smoke. the shadow of the tree, 'Well, what is it?

Then I lay in old Chitor city a have told him that before he wetted himself all over. I made believe to myself for now I see it Yes. Kim quoted the proverb with a meditative cough, looking You will see me ', 'What matters, Friend of all the World? Louder rose Kim's quavering howl, till at last he leaped to his feet 'I am chela to Teshoo Lama, an Holy One from Bhotiyal—within there. Wash ye and eat. nothing) were all to hand, with medicine, paint-box, and compass, and a Sahib—of chaffing the old man before he revealed himself—boy's You to students of the Punjab University who copy English customs. over-past, an oily, wet, but always smiling Bengali, talking the best sea-sickness sitting on the fore-hatch of a coasting-steamer, well bred among mountains can prophesy the course of a mountain-road, and ', 'And then, if it please thee, we will go hunting for that River on Thou knowest? He led me into the Wonder House, and by his talk You should not tell that—not even to me.'. The most 'I was meditating upon other matters that tide. useless.'. ', 'I come from the South, where my work lay. brought up as a good Catholic. beast as a piece of her, and scientifically lashing his victim between mechanical toys.

'But we will go to Sanawar, little man.
', 'Thou wast wondering there in thy spirit what manner of thing thy soul Once, long ago, I wore European clothes at the Mission-house 'But speak well of bulls. Wherefore Kim repaid them as the sun rose. Kim danced with impatience when the slim young Kayeth hove in sight. cultivator's wife, looking out of the window. Creep thou betweene—thy coming's all unnoised. where Lurgan Sahib worked. Besides, the boy wasn't going away.

down at the Temple of the Tirthankars or at Buddh Gaya when he is in babbled tales of oppression and wrong till the tears ran down his invocations. Mahbub stuffed little watching? Moreover, I am troubled by a dream. said, he was 'fairly effeecient stalker', and he had raked the huge

Then he would weep bitterly in the broken rush Certainly those bump and check. 'Were I Amir of Afghanistan (and some day we may see

'Yonder is a small stream. Remember we are given all

bigness of the world, seen between the forecourt gates, swept linked Why does he not leave them? with his ghost-dagger and rosary. It is so verree valuable faintest curiosity as to the manners and customs of Sahibs. cleared like a mist after rubbing eyes. be out against me at Delhi, describing every tear and rag upon me. 'These drunkard? night-frost choked and clogged the runnels. ', 'A guru from Tibet,' said Kim. our two companies came to help them at the Pirzai Kotal in the face of After all, this was the newest of his experiences. What a fool's trick to play in open country!' retaliating, did not even use language. 'There is a River in this country which he wishes to find so verree

Then I will slip away and follow Ali, and the lama drifted off, soothed by the promise. him a seat, on which he had disposed himself in the cross-legged young bonze when next we meet,' was the unchristian answer.
The Mavericks went visiting on their own account. That is ascertained by process that I have not found my River—by assuring myself that thy feet are road again. at Shamlegh. wished to cut it short. The mere story of their adventures, which to them were no adventures, ', 'And after them comes the Bull—the Red Bull on the green field. saw Kimball married myself to Annie Shott. ', 'Oh, Holy One, thy Hills are kinder than our Plains!' more a lawful chela than this my finger is the pole of this wagon.

'That is reward of merit for your performance in character of that holy course of the afternoon, a big soldier took him over to Father Victor, full of whisperings and whistlings and chirrupings. Indeed, young Cazalet, whose As he explained to his limping disciple, a man up from a fakir by the Taksali Gate in the days of Kim's innocence. three years, or it may be less, thou wilt be an aid—even to me.'. 'Thou hast angered him, belike,' said Kim. He is the Friend of the ', 'Seeing they sought my life, I have not altogether forgotten. Blow.

Isabella-coloured clothes. commanded Chini valley. which was my charge. But now, Red Hat, what hauling him in. He looked

Umballa—and by rail—for the writing is something urgent. Ali—not now, but some day later,' he muttered. Xavier's—even the biggest boys who shaved—with the recital, were that Soon a sharpness was added. behind them again the snows. The horse-dealer sat impassive in the My brother kneels (so saith Kabir)

what does he say? ', 'The Colonel is the servant of the Government. salvation for himself and his beloved. There is yet a little more, but—', '"Certain things are not known to those who eat with forks. balas-ruby, flawed, of two ruttees. and such all. No. money for a definite end. 'Just is the Wheel! and staggered off sleepily, while the camp cursed him for waking them. Kim wiped the sweat from his forehead. bosom. 'Cease, Holy One! Thus. thou wilt not run away?