Another thing is that sometimes I detect a faint urine scent in this. It has an incredible length. Very intoxicating and addictive. Tom Ford Velvet Orchid Perfume by To... (76.08 GBP), Right now there are 19 items on or Many items for sale on, Perfume rating Smells like boozy florals rounded by woody notes and resins. I love a dark Smokey fragrance any day but this is not the right type and more importantly it interferes with the nice creaminess. So glad I did not get a decant of this as a blind buy-- it was at Sephora. Dark, boozy, rum dipped orchid flower....very earthy and musky at first.
Velvet Orchid by Tom Ford is a Oriental Floral fragrance for women. I have to say that that is SO misleading. It starts out as sticky, thick, floral honey, and dries down to smell like CK Obsession for men. I also smell violet, as in violet candy/pastilles. After about half an hour it transformed into a powdery floral vanilla that I love. Black orchid & Soleil is definitely my next purchases.

A dream to wear, dark and magical. So luxurious. But at the same time for whatever reason probably the incense note of myrrh and the leathery suede the flowers are darker, and smokier. I don't know if it affects those around me in this way. This is a heavenly perfume. I like mixing my scents to concoct different scents, it's my delight in doing this. Velvet Orchid is the perfect name for her, even though I think she is more velvety than flowery. This one is smoother than DF, but it doesn't have the strong frankincense note of DF. It really smells like velvety purple roses. But what a creation is this! 4.06 I've never tried Black Orchid so I can't compare but I think Velvet Orchid is a rich and beautiful fragrance. Enough has been said about the notes and the traits as a flanker, so I'll try to be functional by using a description from a different view and image gallery.

Does anyone want to swap a Black Orchid for my Velvet Orchid? YUM YUM YUM. This scent lasts and lasts and LASTS on me. Although it’s complex with a lot going on, to me this is mainly purple flowers, rum and vanilla (and the dry down turns slightly powdery). Sad to read this has been reformulated! I have waited a couple of hours with VO on my arm. The dry down is lovely and rich but I don't find it cloying. Maybe in time my nose will change and I will understand the draw. Worse than Black Orchid.

I don't seem to have enough exclamation points to do this frag justice. Lots of them hahaha! It's very sweet but some greener florals like hyacinth also peek through. I ordered a tester on ebay to try it after all I`ve read and heard here. But I was disappointed to find hours later only a reminiscent of this blast and what is left rather reminds me of something cheap and musky..I would definitely get a small bottle or a rollerball though, for nights out or when I want to feel sexy, because freshly applied it is simply divine! My husband is a huge fan of TF so we went to our local mall to smell some new TF perfumes... and BO is beautiful but way too overpowering. Nanavalente, I agree.

I wouldn't say it is a quiet perfume but it is less of a monster than Black Orchid is.

This one is pleasant and interesting. Smells like a fabulous woman. I understand they fill the sprayers themselves.

This is a perfume for an independent woman who knows who she is. Upon the initial sniff on a paper tester, similar to what many of the other reviewers had mentioned.

Every now and then, I love when a fragrance can break societal norms of what a women’s fragrance should smell like and Tom Ford’s Velvet Orchid does exactly that.

This is a beautiful sweet but not cloying scent.

My first Tom Ford try. This to me is an easier to wear more feminine version of black orchid .. If you like Noir De Noir, Creed Royal Princess Oud, or replica Fireside, give this a try. My favorite dark perfume for the moment. Personally, I feel the floral notes the most; orchid, hyacinth and narcissus, drizzled with rum and honey (smooth, cosmetic), with a bit of vanilla, bathed in a balsamic - incense - leather cloud. Flowers that have gone bad. She knows what she has and uses everything in her arsenal, taking no prisoners. Perfume lovers are well aware of the fact that "notes" in perfume denote only the feel that certain ingredients emote and not ne... "Exclusive to Fresh retail stores, The Fragrance Bar features nostalgic favorites brought back by consumer-request.
Velvet Orchid by Tom Ford is a Oriental Floral fragrance for women.Velvet Orchid was launched in 2014. If this was a woman she would be that quite, sexy, elegant librarian with smothering eyes and a brain to match!! Well, it's my birthday soon, so I guess I'll be asking my friends and family for giftvouchers. This orchid is a hedonistic pleasure-seeker, still dreaming of spiced schnapps, plain chocolate, candied fruit, smoky resins & intoxicating exotic flowers that could make it even more satisfied. If you don't know black orchid then I dont think you will get what I am saying but i believe most people smelled it at some point. If the honey spoke without the vanilla interrupting and having the last word, I would be a very happy girl.

When smelling it "expensive" comes to mind.

Very pleasing scent. I absolutely love this oriental floral composition with orchid and honey. The sillage and longevity are enormous. It's so much softer than Black Orchid, which I wasn't really a fan of. And you think to yourself, no, i don't need another one soooo similar. This is the richest perfume I've ever smelled. And any kind of sexy. It is very sensual, powdery and a little sweet! She belonged to my top 5 fragrances, until I made the acquaintance of Dolce Gabbana pour Femme, and now I had to bump Velvet Orchid off into my top 10 list.

and hit Publish.And you're set! The Favourite is the latest fragrance by British brand Penhaligon's and the story behind it is inspiring. Happy smelling! I would say that this perfume is more like balsamic on me. My nose needs to grow up a little. At first I was impressed, the tropical florals and truffle opening was similar to Black Orchid and loved it, I thought it would basically be an easier... You can do all the things the experts tell you to do - like carefully... Frame your face with your best brows ever! Goes well with high heels and a little black dress. Feminine to the max. A happy accident. It smells incredibly expensive and can pass for a Chanel. Unfortunately, the current bottle sold on the shelves now is a shadow of the perfume that was sold four years ago . But in the morning , the drydown did smell fabulous. It does have that same boozy creamy FEEL. But sniffing on it for about half an hour a very rich and luxurious aroma unfolds, the initial sweetness disappears after a short while to give way to the rum, myrhh and orchid.

Ignore my review below, I thought I was reviewing Black Orchid. But she is still a very important lady to me. Beautiful floral parfum exotic sexy Oriental I'm no good at describing perfumes but I do love this perfume. I also tested it against Joop Wild. Velvet Orchid is just a lush, sexy scent that somehow manages to be office-friendly and yet utterly unique and attention-grabbing. The new feminine perfume creation from designer Tom Ford is called Velvet Orchid as an association of the most popular vamp fragrance of this house Black Orchid that was launched in 2006.

My favorite fragrance from Tom ford! The first part of the fragrance is my favorite because I really do taste something like honey wine. Perfume lovers: 581414 :). This is a lovely, syrupy fragrance that gives you an initial blast of rum, honey and florals, before settling down to a creamy vanilla floral scent. It smells like something a princess living in some faraway exotic land would wear. Brazilian orchid used in this composition (Cattleya leopoldii) is said to possess wonderful sweet creamy fragrance with a hint of spices). I found it too powdery in Eau Sensuelle with the accompanying bitter accords, but in this fragrance the smooth, sweet, earthy supporting notes make it gorgeous.

I haven't tried BO, so I cannot compare the two. The original Black Orchid is one of my absolute favorite fragrances; I have raved about it before, and I will continue to do so with minimal prompting. It smells simply divine. Scent - earthy jasmine, honey, vanilla, orchid, creamy sandalwood & rum. And underneath the creamy layer is what I don't like.

Where is that coming from? ..I know this smell.

After the first spray I had the initial impression like I have definitely smelled this before - probably a blend of all sorts of half-sweet & half-heady perfumes like Marc Jacobs Lola and Thierry Mugler Alien: it wasn`t unfamiliar at all for sure.

This is one of my favs! The scent is beautiful, but for some reason, no matter how much I apply, I can barely smell it, let alone break it down. There is a creamy layer gliding over the whole thing which i really like. This is beauty and luxury impersonation. Definitely suited for fall or winter in my opinion and a sexy night time fragrance too.

I used to wear it after I bought if for my gf and would have never stopped. I don't care for it. ... Now more than ever it’s important to take a moment for ourselves.

The dry down is where you can feel Velvet completely disown her sister and stand alone as a beautiful composition. Within a short time this mellows and I can see how some would find this mysteriously sexy but I can't get past that first association with Aromatics Elixir's vitamin B 'note'. It was so strong I had to wipe it off with rubbing alcohol because it was starting to... Just put this on to go to work it's so sexy, I'm male I love it. All posts have something to learn. Don't think I can go through the top and middle to get to that drydown. It is still on my wishlist, I love it so much I am almost willing to give up my entire collection just to have this beauty. It starts out with a boozy honeyed sweetness, then of course the most prominent note is the beautiful orchid. It's a honeyed, boozy vanilla with that elegant orchid note. When wet, the rum really sticks out, but as soon as it dries the orchid blooms. Finally purchased this today with Black Orchid coming to me on the weekend. The balsam peru is definitely detectable, which makes me very happy as it's one of my favourite slightly unusual natural notes. During the dry down, the vanilla and suede come front and center, while the myrrh and sandalwood just burst right on through. Add your review of Velvet Orchid by Tom Ford; Advertisement. My first Tom Ford. Although this is pleasant smelling, it didn't really wow me, neither did the lasting power.

My favorite of the orchids from Tom Ford.

After that, it's nice, little too floral for my taste. The strength is ok, I generally cannot smell it on myself after a couple of hours. It leans to the fem side, but I think a man could wear it too, as I do. I want so much to like it, and there are some notes in VO I love.

It is like velvet. Online right now: 1725, Fragrantica in your language:

Note-to-self to not go mental on initial application, but overall I don't find the fragrance offensive at all.