That's great, but we like what we see with Q1T1 randoms even better. Performances matters not when its low grade parts so I wouldn't pay nearly as much for those as say Samsung's or Crucial that have a proven track record in the SSD market. What do you buy? La première puce dont nous allons parler, c’est le contrôleur mémoire. Joined Aug 15, 2019 Messages 56 (0.12/day) Oct 28, 2020 #1 Hi! Pareil, impossible également de trouver une datasheet au moment ou j’écris ces lignes. Impossible d'ajouter l'article à la liste d'envies. Attardons nous en premier lieu sur sa fiche technique, notamment les infos que l’on retrouve sur le site du constructeur.

Produit référencé le : 23/05/2019 Intel Announces Discrete Quad-GPU Server Card and OneAPI Gold, Fractal Design Meshify 2 Review: A High-TDP Workstations Wonder, Ainex PCIe Power Bridge Aims To Tidy up Your GPU Power Cables, Cooler Master Also Builds Thermo-Electric Cooler for Intel's High-TDP Chips, Kioxia Launches XG7 & XG7-P PCIe 4.0 Consumer SSDs, Raspberry Pi Cyberdeck Shares Space with Intel NUC. © Decided to upgrade from a 500GB Samsung 960 EVO since it wasn't enough storage for all my games and apps. Average and maximum power consumption ranks second overall, falling just a few MBps-per-watt behind the Adata XPG SX8200 Pro. Unfortunately, the storage maker won’t be selling the heatsink separately, so users will only be able to purchase it bundled with drives 500GB or larger in capacity. Nous travaillons fort pour protéger votre sécurité et votre confidentialité. Tendances actuelles :

On se retrouve une nouvelle fois autour de la table de bench pour tester ensemble un SSD plutôt haut de gamme, le BLACK SN750 de chez Western Digital. LOL, Easy to install on my motherboard (MSI Z170A G5). Finally, we added in Intel’s 660p, a cheaper entry-level QLC NVMe SSD, as well as two SATA drives, the Crucial MX500 and WD Black HDD, for good measure. Depuis des... Pensez à mettre une exception pour Ad-block, Merci pour votre soutien ! Where to buy Xbox Series X: check all the latest stock, New Star Wars TV show on Disney Plus sounds very different to The Mandalorian. Son enveloppe est composée d’un bloc en aluminium usiné dans la masse, avec des formes permettant d’avoir une plus grande surface d’échange avec l’air ambiant.

WD manufactors their own Hard Drives and for those you can trust today. I would say reliability and over priced on the black edition. Ces articles doivent être à l’état neuf avec l'emballage et les accessoires d’origine. Aucun prélèvement avant la préparation de votre colis. We hammer the SSDs with sequential writes for 15 minutes to measure both the size of the SLC buffer and performance after the buffer is saturated. Faites un test ssd nu avec ventilateur souflant dessus pour voir la différence ;), 2.8A de conso en 5v ? As we have noticed in our application and real-world tests, the WD Black SN750 isn’t as responsive with small files as its competitors. data to see when (or if) thermal throttling kicks in and how it impacts performance. It seemed to arrive too close to the release of the company’s last big SSD, with small iterative improvements and a gimmicky ‘Gaming Mode.’. | SSD 1 To After the drive writes roughly 14GB of data, performance degrades from 2.8GB/s write down to a fairly consistent 1.6GB/s. WD’s Black has a tiered SLC cache, dubbed nCache 3.0.

Tom's Hardware is part of Future US Inc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. WD’s firmware improvements focused on improving small-file read performance, although there was a … Can someone explain to me what exactly does that means? et 3000 MB/s en écriture seq. The Samsung 970 Pro, which maxes out at 1TB, also made the list along with the 2TB Samsung EVO Plus. WD manufactors their own Hard Drives and for those you can trust today. Thank you for signing up to TechRadar. Sustained write speeds can suffer tremendously once the workload spills outside of the cache and into the "native" TLC or QLC flash.

WD’s Black SN750 installed SYSmark in the same time as the Intel Optane SSD 905P, which very few other SSDs have yet to do, and finished with a 1,700-point responsiveness score. Pretty much all hard drives tho are over priced today.

We check over 130 million products every day for the best prices. Much like the Adata XPG SX8200 Pro, it writes at 2.8 GBps for the first 36GB of the test, but performance degrades to an average of about 1400 MBps once the workload saturates the cache. However, while it supports multiple low power states, the SN750’s idle power consumption is significantly higher than competing SSDs. We check over 130 million products every day for the best prices. As expected, the SN750’s sequential read/write performance peaks at about 3.5 / 3.0 GBps, but random read performance is lacking.

Passez à la vitesse supérieure. Of course, Western Digital’s latest drive is also fending off some new rivals, including Corsair’s wickedly fast Force Series MP510 that runs up to 3,480MB/s sequential reads and 3,000MB/s sequential writes.

Receive mail from us on behalf of our trusted partners or sponsors? Nous n’avons pas beaucoup d’informations. This should, in turn, make this SSD a perfect choice for creatives and media producers who need a fast writing drive to keep up with their production.