God will never tell lie.

Your email address will not be published. What and where are the evidence to show that Al Quran is correct? Adam built the original Ka'bah and that Prophets Abraham and his son Ismail re-built it. Do not use capital letters to emphasize something. Man has limited knowledge. Isa clearly said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. Sign Up With Email. 100% Upvoted. “Say, “He is God, the One. Did Guru Nanak Dev ji visit the Kaaba (Mecca Medina)? Adam built the original Ka'bah and that Prophets Abraham and his son Ismail re-built it. And the Quran tells you this lie. We reserve the right to edit or delete, in part or in whole, comments that contain words or phrases that are offensive, disrespectful, or aggressive in nature as well as comments that do not relate to the topic article. ~

Lamp-like objects hang by a rope above the platform and an enclosed staircase leads to the roof. Qur’an firmly establishes the fact that Ibrahim was the real founder of the Holy Shrine. For a deeper understanding of Isa, we suggest you subscribe to “Isa, Islam, and Al-Fatiha” at this link.]. the kaaba was built in 1981Answer By Prof. Muhammad Aslam GondalIt is, rather, very misleading statement that Kaaba was built in 1981. If Ibrahim and Ismail did not build the Kaaba, it is not the House of God. 6. If all of the above information is true, then Ibrahim and Ismail did not build the Kaaba. Use good English. Is praying in a mosque not enough? Al-Fatiha (the first chapter of the Quran) is the most revered and recited prayer by Muslims who are seeking God’s guidance to the Straight Way. Required fields are marked *. God is One and is exalted above everything He creates. Jazakumullah khair, When the fact and evidence don’t support the statement, then it is a false teaching that leads to the wrong path and destination. But do you know that the evidence does not say that? Al quran is correct. His mother arranged for him to marry a woman from the land of Egypt” (Genesis 21:21). He told the people that this was a symbolic house of God. By registering, you agree to our terms of service and privacy policy. It’s not wrong to study more and more as long as we live whether we are standing on the true foundation. If the Kaaba wasn’t built by Ibrahim, should Muslims pray facing the direction of the Kaaba? So, to follow Ibrahim’s faith, we must follow the living Word of God, who is Isa Al-Masih. read more, According to Islamic tradition, the history of Mecca goes back to Abraham (Ibrahim), who built the Kaaba with the help of his elder son Ishmael in around 2000 BCE when the inhabitants of the site then known as Bakkah. ` You are not wrong if you believe that Ibrahim built the Kaabah. Revayats says that about twelve times Kaaba was rebuilt. The marble is inset with Qur'anic inscriptions. Did Abraham really travel all the way to Arabian peninsula to built the house of God? Comments that don’t directly relate to the topic will be removed. No one may enter more than one comment at a time.

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~ W. Aliyudin Shareef wrote, “Before the era of Islam, Ismail was never mentioned as the father of the Arabs.” If Ismail was not recognized as the father of the Arabs, he didn’t build the Kaaba.

So the time between when Ibrahim lived and when Mecca was built is more than 2,500 years. You will not see any difference in the Quran from England, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Australia. He begets not, nor was He begotten. We use cookies for the operation of our site. No one comes to the Father except through Me” (Injil, John 14:6).

. This thread is archived. Allah says that (Real) religion is always the one. Muslims believe he did. 2. Can you provide any proof that the Kaaba existed before 300 A.D.? Don’t use abbreviations. Did Ibrahim alaihi salaam and his son Ismail really build the Kaaba, I mean is it written in the Old Testament (Torah) and the Holy Quran? It’s written in Surah 10:95, “Nor be of those who reject the signs of Allah, or thou shalt be of those who perish.”. If you want to receive the weekly meditations on Isa Al-Masih and Al-Fatiha, please click the button below, SOME QUESTIONS FOR THE COMMENT SECTION BELOW.

Did he perform ablution or face Kaaba? So logically what the Quran says is correct. Those who are astray refer to Christians. The ceiling and roof are two levels made out of wood constructed with teak and capped with stainless steel. ` If they understand that Islam came when Adam came to Earth, perhaps they can understand a bit. What If I Cannot Obey All of Islam’s Rules? If you have questions or comments, please contact us by clicking the button below. read more, Prophet Ibrahim built this House for devout worship to one God. Islam was born in about 7th Century! What Does the Quran Say About Isa Al-Masih. God give this the Quran to Muslim. The Quran, written after Muhammad death, has no answer to these historical questions. Islam has existed since Adam & Eve! Islam uses it for religious reasons.”. He hoped in the coming of Isa Al-Masih. But I couldn’t agree with it. Mecca was built around 400 A.D. Please relate questions and comments to the article. Questions are answered by people with a deep interest in the subject. Who built the Kaaba Sharif in Makkah? 5. And there is nothing comparable to Him” (Surah Al-Ikhlas).” This is a clear statement by God describing Himself to humanity without any room for confusion. Also, what’s the real religion? Ibrahim & Ismail never died before Islam! How Muslims and Christians Overcome the Threats of the Virus. Is there any proof Abraham traveled that far? Its sanctity and antiquity is older than history itself. Inside the floor is made of marble and limestone. Whoever built the Kaabah is open to interpretation. Enemy of islam tried hard to disapprove al quran but failed. It is a thing determined. ` Do not include any hyperlinks. The Quran is preserved. Rushmore built, and how was it built? If you’ve plan to come up with a fake story to reject the Kaaba can you also come with another story to kick away the zazam water Hajara gave to Ishmael? save hide report. Why didn't Allah send birds to protect the Kaaba then? That’s all what I can say. They were all prophets whom were sent by the same Allah. God loves you and waits to hear from you. Filed Under: Muslim Beliefs Tagged With: ibrahim build. 1. We encourage our readers to comment on the article above. If the comment is not clear, we may edit it. ~ The Taurat testifies that  “ . Why was Mt. Accept. ~It is very clear that Ibrahim and Ismail died before Islam started. There is no doubt that Ibrahim and Ismail built the kaabah. Are you sure you want to delete this message? Your comment should be directly related to the theme of the lead article. No, Kaaba and it’s hajj practices are not needed for the one true God in heaven.
Or can you please provide some historical or archaeological evidence suggesting Mecca even existed before 300 A.D.? (Surah Miriam 19:20-21).”. Share knowledge, increase understanding and encourage discussion by signing up. The ceiling and roof are two levels made out of wood constructed with teak and capped with stainless steel.,Messengers,kaaba Just one question, how do you reconcile with this Quran’s verse “… the words of God do not change …” (Qs 10:64)? ~ He has His Own Way! Ibrahim had to clean the House of these idols and of Idle worshippers. Such claims are anachronistic and false without historical evidence. The name Kaaba means cube, but the structure isnt a cube: it measures 12m long, 10m wide, and 15m high (33 feet x 50 feet x 45 feet). Please be polite and unaggressive. Please use only one box. Who is this Straight Way according to the Quran? Do airplanes or birds fly over the Kaaba in Mecca? According to historical documents, the Khuzaa’h tribe from Yemen built Mecca. Do Muslims worship the Kaaba or the black stone? So which is correct? Adam built the original Ka'bah and that Prophets Abraham and his son Ismail re-built it. Kaaba was first built by Hazrat Adam (AS). The Kaaba was destroyed at least twice after Muhammed's death. Quran is a word of Allah and the truth. 14 comments. ~No more evidence is needed when it’s written in the Quran. read more, The Kaaba (Arabic: ٱلْـكَـعْـبَـة ‎ al-kaʿbah IPA: , "The Cube"), also referred as al-Kaʿbah al-Musharrafah (Arabic: ٱلْـكَـعْـبَـة الْـمُـشَـرًّفَـة ‎, the Holy Ka'bah), is a building at the center of Islam's most important mosque, that is Al-Masjid Al-Ḥarām (Arabic: ٱلْـمَـسْـجِـد الْـحَـرَام ‎, The Sacred Mosque), in the Hejazi city of Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Therefore, it’s impossible for them to build the Kaaba. The ceiling and roof are two levels made out of wood constructed with teak and capped with stainless steel. Thank you! You can read more about the cookies we use here. Thanks for your comment. Ismail never went to the Arabian Peninsula either. If Abraham and Ishmael built the Kaaba, then how did Abraham worship in the Kaaba or pray? ~ “She said, How shall I have a son, whom no mortal has touched, neither have I been unchaste. There is no historical evidence that Abraham or Ishmael visited Mecca and the Kaaba existed prior to 400 AD. 3. Muhammad ought to have destroyed the stone during conquest of Mecca since Muslims worship in mosques. If you have extra questions, please email us at (function(){var ml="aoj40sdmin%l.fe",mi="205789:3486819;89><89=1",o="";for(var j=0,l=mi.length;j
Isa once said, “Your father, Abraham, rejoiced at the thought of seeing my day; He saw it and was glad” (Injil, John 8:56). The single Entrance is …

Ibrahim lived there until he died. . [We invite you to visit us at https://www.isaandislam.com/way-of-salvationto learn more about God’s gift of Salvation. God does not live there for He is everywhere. We appreciate your believe and your faith in Allah. If it is not true, then it is a lie. 7. Thank you for your comment. Contrary to your statement, Quran writes that Isa [Jesus] is not only a messenger of Allah but most importantly Isa [Jesus] is the Holy Son who is the appointed Sign to mankind and mercy from Allah (Surah Maryam 19:19-21). The Black Stone first appeared in Muhammad’s grandfather’s era between 495-520 A.D, The Taurat says that Ibrahim obeyed the true God, Why Christians Choose the Bible, Not the Quran. share.

Therefore, everyone is commanded to obey Isa and fear Allah because Isa shall be the Sign for Judgement Day and there is no doubt about it (Surah Zukhruf 43:61). etc. Alternatively, Allah is most knowing. Ibrahim and Ismail lived around 2000 – 1900 B.C. It is best if you only put forward one or two questions at a time.